nehiyawewin: paskwawi-pikiskwewin / Cree Language of the Plains Language Lab Workbook (Pre-Order for Aug 27/22)

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Jean L. Okimasis
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Adult Education
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University of Regina Press
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Aug 27/22

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Originally from White Bear First Nation, Jean L. Okimasis is a retired Cree Language educator, who taught for many years with the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (now First Nations University of Canada). Jean lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The newly updated lab manual for the latest edition of Cree: Language of the Plains.

This language lab workbook is a comprehensive companion resource to renowned Cree language scholar Jean L. Okimasis’s Cree: Language of the Plains textbook. Updated and redesigned, this educational resource offers a broad range of learning materials and exercises that are easily accessible to Cree language learners.

The complete collection includes the new edition of the Cree language textbook, this language lab workbook, and the Cree language audio labs, which are available online through the University of Regina Open Textbook program at

Please note the language labs are also available as podcasts. Just search "Cree Language of the Plains" on your favourite podcast app.

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