The Strength of Women: Ahkameyimowak

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Priscilla Settee
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Cree, Multiple Nations, Plains
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The Strength of Women: Ahkameyimowak by Cree scholar Pricilla Settee, Associate Professor in the Department of Native Studies, University of Saskatchewan, is an important addition to literature by and about First Nations and Métis women. Âhkamêyimowak is a Cree word which embodies the strength that drives women to persevere, flourish, and work for change within their communities. The stories included here are by women with vision, who inspire and lead those who have lived in their midst. Stories are a means of transmitting vital information from within community as well as to outside communities. The collection includes 46 selections from 15 individual women from various walks of life. The selection of essay, memoir, poetry, story, and opinion pieces are organized around broad themes such as Beginnings, Work, Art, Spirit, and Community. Of particular interest to secondary students are the pieces by Lindsay Knight (Eekwol) a youth model and rapper: Let's move and My words are weapons against the system. Other contributors include Elder and linguist Freda Ahenakew, language scholar and artist Pat Ningewance, educator and author Rita Bouvier, Grassy Narrows activist Judy Da Silva, Saskatoon hip hop artist Zonda Roy, Ojibwe fabric artist Alice Williams, scholar Esther Sanderson, Métis youth organizer Aleyna Mae Stene, and Elder and activist Vicki Wilson. This is a strong collection of writings that speaks clearly about a range of Aboriginal women's issues, hopes, and experiences.

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