Chuck in the City (Limited Quantity)

SKU: 9781894778817

Jordan Wheeler
Auchter, Christopher
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One, Two, Three,
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Theytus Books Ltd.
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Chuck in the City is the newly revised edition of a charming children's story about a young boy named Chuck who goes on an unaccompanied walk when he visits his Kookum (grandmother) in the city. This first visit to the city turns into an adventure. On his walk Chuck encounters barking dogs, kids on roller blades, and tall office towers. He finally realizes that he is lost and very hungry. Trying not to panic he manages to find his way back to his grandmother's condo. This is Jordan Wheeler's second book for children. The acclaimed Cree author and scriptwriter previously introduced young readers to Chuck in the book, Just A Walk. He writes in a rhyming style that will capture and hold a child's attention. The colourful stylized illustrations by Christopher Auchter are effective in capturing the light-hearted adventures of a First Nation child on his first visit to a city. Young children will love hearing the story of Chuck in the City read again and again.

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