Thou Shalt Not Be An Indian

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Robert Kakakaway
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Robert Kakakaway
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Robert Kakakaway is from White Bear First Nations in SK. He lives on Whitecap Dakota First Nation near Saskatoon, SK. He is the founder of Kakakaway & Associates Consulting, an Indigenous organization that offers ceremonial teachings. He completed his B.G.S. degree at UBC in 1992. He also completed several post-secondary diploma programs.

He attended Marieval Indian Residential School for six years. Robert had a very happy childhood, until he was six, when his life changed for the worse. Most children have no concept of Hell - Robert found it, Robert experienced it. The happy times became memories, replaced by loneliness, fear and abuse. Robert endured the bullies, and lived each day in fear of being punished for something he did, or did not do. As he learned a different way of life, his parents became strangers. 

His powerful memoir is more than just a glimpse, so prepare yourself, as you witness his daily experiences and the hardships he faced inside the prison walls of this notorious residential school. Sadly, his story is a common theme in most residential schools: it was wrong to be an Indian.

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