Games of Survival TP FNCR14- Avail end of October

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Johnny Issaluk
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Arctic, Inuit
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Inhabit Media
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Games of Survival: Traditional Inuit Games for Elementary Students written by Inuk athlete Johnny Issaluk. In 59 pages the author and publisher, Inhabit Media, have created an important resource book for students at the junior and intermediate levels. Brief, easy to read instructions, along with colour photographs of Inuit children and youth playing each of the 10 endurance, strength, and agility games provides an accurate introduction to the Inuit of the Arctic. A brief introduction informs the reader about the purpose of each category of game. The overall significance of each type of game was to ensure the survival of Inuit peoples by keeping each member strong and healthy. Hunters of walrus, caribou, whale, and seal needed to be strong and agile with sustained endurance. Inside each iglu the traditional Inuit played the games for enjoyment and to keep in good physical condition. Today Inuit youth and adults enjoy the friendly competitions of the Arctic Winter Games or the Northern Games. Organized into agility, strength and endurance the games include: one foot high kick, two foot high kick, Alaskan high kick, hand pull, arm pull, head pull, knuckle hop, airplane, back push, and Muskox push. Simple and clear instructions along with the images show students and teachers how each game is played. Readers will see that adults are often in the pictures of the more difficult games. It goes without saying that adult supervision is advised for all games. This accessible how-to guide will be a must-have for elementary school libraries. Highly recommended.

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