Where Did You Get Your Moccasins?, paper ed


Where Did You Get Your Moccasins? is a wonderful picture book well suited for reading aloud to preschool and kindergarten children. The story focuses on a young boy who brings a pair of moccasins to school for show and tell. He explains step by step how his Kookum, his grandmother, made the moccasins. The sensitive black and white pencil drawings reflect the author's and illustrator's respect for the First Nation child in a multi-cultural, urban school setting.

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First Nations Families OUT OF PRINT


First Nations Families is part of the First Nations Education Division's Readers 97 Series. This primary level reader introduces ten First Nations families who live in the Victoria area of British Columbia. These families represent the diversity of the "family" in the 1990s. For each family, a young child introduces the members of the family, where they live and what each family member likes to do. Each page is illustrated with simple sketches that enhance the controlled vocabulary text. A valuable resource for encouraging reading and learning about First Nations families.

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Guinea Pig Fish You Were Here


The animals in Mr. Venezi's pet shop are used to how forgetful he is. Then he hires the perfect assistant, Viola. She does her job so well that Mr. V hardly needs to be there. In fact, one day, Mr. V doesn't come back at all! But then Viola starts ignoring the animals. Has Mr. V given the pet shop to a villain? Or is some other mystery afoot? Sasspants, PI(G)-fluffy-but-determined guinea pig detective-and junior detective Hamisher the hamster will soon fish out the answers!

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