Curiosité Naturelle, 2e edition: Ressource pour l’enseignante ou l’enseignant: L’importance du point de vue Autochtone dans l’enquête dans l’environnement de l’enfant droit d’auteur, paper ed. French


Curiosité Naturelle, 2e edition: Ressource pour l’enseignante ou l’enseignant: L’importance du point de vue Autochtone dans l’enquête dans l’environnement de l’enfant droit d’auteur par Doug Anderson, Julie Comay et Lorraine Chiarotto est la deuxième édition de ce livre. Le présent document est un excellent outil pour l'enseignante ou l'enseignant de même qu’un incitatif pour l'élève à découvrir le monde qui l'entoure.

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Mokatek et l'étoile disparue, paper ed. French


Premier livre jeunesse du dramaturge Dave Jenniss, Mokatek et l’étoile disparue fut à l'origine une pièce de théâtre créée en 2018 par le théâtre Ondinnok, dont il est le directeur artistique, et Vox Théâtre. Pour le petit Mokatek, compter les étoiles pour s'endormir chaque soir est un réel plaisir. Depuis la disparition de sa mère sous les eaux de la rivière, il aime raconter ses journées à celle qui brille le plus dans le ciel, sa boussole qui, de là-haut, le protège : l'étoile du Nord. Un soir de pleine lune, l'étoile du Nord disparaît.

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Hannenorak et les rêves, paper ed.


Les rêves d’Hannenorak se cachent sous son lit pour mieux dormir. La nuit venue, les rêves du jeune Wendat reprennent vie et l’emmènent dans des mondes fantastiques et magiques, où les bleuets et les lucioles parlent, où les roches nagent et les arbres rient! La nature s’anime au gré des saisons, au gré des nuits, pour le plus grand plaisir d’Hannenorak.
L’auteur wendat Jean Sioui retrouve avec bonheur son jeune héros, après les aventures d’Hannenorak (Le Loup de Gouttière, 2004) et d’Hannenorak et le vent (Cornac, 2008).

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Johnny's Pheasant, hardcover ed.


Johnny's Pheasant is written by Cheryl Minnema (Waabaanakwadookwe), a member of Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, and illustrated by Julie Flett, Cree-Métis. Johnny's Pheasant starts with their car stopping: "Pull over, Grandma! Hurry!” Johnny says. Grandma does and Johnny runs to show her what he spotted near the ditch: a sleeping pheasant. It’s hard to say who is most surprised by what happens next—Grandma, Johnny, or the pheasant.

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Palluq and Qiliqti Help Their Anaanatsiaq, paper ed.


Palluq and Qiliqti Help Their Annanatsiaq is written by Jeela Palluq-Cloutier and illustrated by Michelle Simpson. In this story, Palluq and his cousin Qiliqti love helping their anaanatsiaq! They are excited to visit her on their way to school. What chores can they do to help their anaanatsiaq? Jeela is the Executive Director of Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit, the Inuit Language Authority of Nunavut.

Price: $8.95

My Bravo, hardcover ed.


My Bravo is written by Jordan Kyak and illustrated by Steve James. This is the story of Jordan who loves driving his Bravo! It might be small, but it is tough. Jordan uses his Bravo for hunting, helping his family, and more. Find out what makes Jordan’s Bravo so special. This is a leveled reading book with PM Benchmark 21 or F&P guided reading L. Jordan Kyak was born and raised in Pond Inlet, Nunavut. He attended Nunavut Arctic College.

Price: $16.95

Harry Okpik Determined Musher, hardcover ed.


Harry Okpik Determined Musher by Harry Okpik and Maren Vsetula is the story of Inuit hero Harry Okpik and the history of dogsledding. This book is illustrated by Ali Hinch. Harry Okpik Determined Musher introduces the biography genre to children through the life of Harry Okpik who was born in the community of Quaqtaq in 1954. Harry Okpik owns a dog team and has participated in numerous Ivakkak dog sled races. He is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated and successful dog team owners in Nunavik.

Price: $16.95

Making a Whole Human Being, hardcover ed.


Making A Whole Human Being: Traditional Inuit Education, is written by Monica Ittusardjuat, Inuit educator and linguist and illustrated by Yong Ling Kang. In Making A Whole Human Being, Monica Ittusardjuat says "Before schools were introduced to the Inuit, we were taught by our relatives.” In this picture book, she shares how she learned knowledge and skills in a time before being taken to residential school.

Price: $16.95

We Are Water Protectors, paper ed.


We Are Water Protectors lyrically written by Carole Lindstrom, Anishinaabe/Metis and proud member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe Indians, and beautifully illustrated by Michaela Goade, is inspired by the many Indigenous-led movements across North America. We Are Water Protectors issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the Earth’s water from harm and corruption.

Price: $24.50

Thanku, Poems of Gratitude, paperback ed.


Thanku is a poetry anthology, edited by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Malena Myles, Spirit Lake Dakota/Mohegan/Muscokee Creek. Thanku explores a wide range of ways to be grateful with poems by a diverse group of contributors, including Joseph Bruchac, Margarita Engle, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Naomi Shihab Nye, Charles Waters, and Jane Yolen. There are colour illustrations, an illustrator and author's note, author biography and original artwork.

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