Amik aime l'école : une histoire sur la sagesse, paper ed. French


Dans Amik aime l’ecole Amik raconte à Moshoom pourquoi il aime tant sa merveilleuse école. Puis c’est au tour de son grandpère de lui décrire le pensionnat autochtone qu’il a fréquenté, si différent de l’école d’Amik. C’est alors qu’Amik a une idée… Les Sept enseignements sacrés des Anishinaabeg (l’amour, la sagesse, l’humilité, le courage, le respect, l’honnêteté et la vérité) sont au coeur de ces sept histoires pour enfants.

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Tanna's Owl, hardcover ed.


Tanna's Owl begins with a greeting from Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley (Inuit-Cree), the author and this is the story of an owl brought home by her father after hunting. Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley (Scottish-Mohawk) is the co-author. In the colourfully illustrated images by Yong Ling Kan, Tanna's Owl, tells the story of Tanna feeding and caring for owl with the help of her brothers and sisters. She gives owl the name Ukpik meaning owl in Inuktitut.

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Kamik Takes the Lead, paperback ed.


Kamik Takes the Lead is the final installment in the Kamik series by Darryl Baker, dog musher. In Kamik Takes the Lead the colourful illustrations are by Ali Hinch. The other books in this series are: Kamik: An Inuit Puppy Story, Kamik's First Sled, and Kamik Joins the Pack. The series shares the history of Nunavut working dogs through traditional dog-rearing practices and dog-training techniques from Arviat community members. In Kamik Takes the Lead, Jake sits on his qamutiik at the starting line of the race that will take them around town with other mushers.

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Animals Illustrated: Caribou, hardcover ed.


In Animals Illustrated: Caribou, by Dorothy Aglukark, an Inuk elder from Arviat, Nunavut and David Aglukark, Inuit, and Illustrated by Amanda Sandland, children will learn how caribou raise their babies, where they live, what they eat, and other interesting information, like how fast caribou can run—up to 50 miles per hour! Animals Illustrated mixes fun-filled animal facts suitable for the youngest of readers with intricately detailed illustrations to create a unique and beautiful collection of children's non-fiction books about Arctic animals.

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Nutaui’s Cap with text by Bob Bartel and illustrations by Mary Ann Penashue, hardcover ed.


Nutaui’s Cap with text by Bob Bartel and artwork by Mary Ann Penashue (Innu) is translated by Stella Rich, Sebastian Piwas, and Mani Katinen Nuna with Laurel Anne Hasler, Penash Rich, and Marguerite MacKenzie. This is a book about learning to fish and Innu environmental rights in two Labrador Innu dialects of their language Innu-aimun. The Sheshatshiu dialect is presented first, then English and then Mushuau dialect.

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Teacher's Guide for The Seven Teachings Stories, paperback ed.


Teacher’s Guide for the Seven Teaching Stories by Katya Ferguson is a resource of this series by Katherena Vermette. They are: The Just Right Gift – a gift of love; Singing Sisters – a story of humility; The First Day – a story of courage; Kode’s Quest – a story of respect; Amik Loves School – a story of wisdom; Misaabe’s Story – a story of honesty and, What is Truth, Betsy? – a story of truth. The teacher’s guide is organized in three parts: The Seven Teachings, Teaching the Stories and Strategies and Activities Applicable to All Stories.

Price: $9.99

Sus Yoo, The Bear's Medicine, hardcover ed.


Sus Yoo / The Bear's Medicine is written and illustrated by Clayton Gauthier and is a dual language children’s book in English and Dakelh. It has been translated by Danny Alexis and Theresa Austin. Like Clayton Gauthier’s The Salmon Run, Sus Yoo / The Bear’s Medicine is part of the Schchechmala Children’s Series published by Theytus Books. This book, through the life of bear, is about sun and light, breath and life, mountains and medicine, water, trees, grass, roots and seasons, stars and the Grandfathers, to name a few.

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Eaglecrest Plains Cree Roman Orthography - Set of 16, paperback ed.


Eaglecrest Plains Cree Collection, is a leveled early literacy collection of books featuring First Nations and Native American children and families. The Plains Cree Collection of Level 4 reading books are presented as Plains Cree Roman Orthography - an early readers collection. Eaglecrest Books have been carefully leveled to help support early literacy learners become strategic, fluent, independent readers. These books encourage understanding, respect and interest among all students. This collection is complemented by Plains Cree syllabics.

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