Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World, paperback ed., Available April 13, 2021.


Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World, is written by Doug Good Feather, Lakota, born and raised in the traditional indigenous ways of his elders on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota and a direct descendant of Grandpa Chief Sitting Bull; with Doug Pineda, co-founder of Spirit Horse Nation.

Price: $22.99

nedi nezu / Good Medicine, paperback ed. Available March 02, 2021.


nedi nezu (Good Medicine) by Tenille K. Campbell, Dene/Métis explores the beautiful space that being a sensual Indigenous woman creates - not only as a partner, a fantasy, a heartbreak waiting to happen but also as an auntie, a role model, a voice that connects to others walking the same path.

Price: $17.95

Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America, hardcover ed. Available April 27, 2021.


Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America is authored by Nicole Eustace. On the eve of a major treaty conference between Iroquois leaders and European colonists in 1722, two white fur traders attacked an Indigenous hunter and left him for dead near Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Though virtually forgotten today, this act of brutality set into motion a remarkable series of criminal investigations and cross-cultural negotiations that challenged the definition of justice in early America.

Price: $38.95

Postcolonial Love Poem, paperback ed.


Postcolonial Love Poem is an anthem of desire against erasure. Natalie Diaz, was born in the Fort Mojave Indian Village in Needles, California. She is Mojave and an enrolled member of the Gila River Indian community. This collection of poems demands that every body carried in its pages—bodies of language, land, rivers, suffering brothers, enemies, and lovers—be touched and held as beloveds. Through these poems, the wounds inflicted by America onto an Indigenous people are allowed to bloom pleasure and tenderness: “Let me call my anxiety,desire, then.

Price: $21.00

Canadian Law and Indigenous Self‐Determination: A Naturalist Analysis, paperback ed.


Canadian Law and Indigenous Self-Determination: A Naturalist Analysis by Gordon Christie discusses how for centuries, Canadian sovereignty has existed uneasily alongside forms of Indigenous legal and political authority. Canadian Law and Indigenous Self-Determination demonstrates how, over the last few decades, Canadian law has attempted to remove Indigenous sovereignty from the Canadian legal and social landscape.

Price: $49.95

Iskotew Iskwew / Fire Woman: Poetry of a Northern Rez Girl, paperback ed. Available July 15, 2021.


"Iskotew Iskwew/Fire Woman" is a poetry collection written during a period of trauma when Francine Merasty, the author and a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation was working as a Counsel to the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in 2017. This book is about memories and experience growing up on the Pelican Narrows Reserve in northern Saskatchewan in the 1980s: summers spent on the land and the pain of residential school.

Price: $17.95

Hope Matters, paperback ed.


Hope Matters, written by multiple award-winner Lee Maracle, in collaboration with her daughters Columpa Bobb and Tania Carter, members of the Sto:lo Nation, focuses on the journey of Indigenous people from colonial beginnings to reconciliation. Maracle states that the book, "is also about the journey of myself and my two daughters." During their youth, Bobb and Carter wrote poetry with their mother, and eventually they all decided that one day they would write a book together. This book is the result of that dream.

Price: $18.00

NDN Coping Mechanisms: Notes from the Field, paperback ed.


NDN Coping Mechanisms: Notes from the Field by Billy-Ray Belcourt, (he/him) is a writer and academic from the Driftpile Cree Nation. NDN Coping Mechanisms is a provocative, powerful, and genre-bending new work that uses the modes of accusation and interrogation. Belcourt aims an anthropological eye at the realities of everyday life to show how they house the violence that continues to reverberate from the long twentieth century.

Price: $19.95

Bkejwanong Dbaajmowinan/Stories of Where the Waters Divide, paperback ed.


Bkejwanong Dbaajmowinan/Stories of Where the Waters Divide by Monty McGahey II who is of Anishinaabe and Oneida descent and raised in Chippewas of the Thames, where he currently works in language revitalization. Bkejwanong means “where the waters part,” but the waters of St. Clair River are not a point of separation. The same waters that sustain life on and around Bkejwanong—formerly known as Walpole Island, Ontario—flow down into Chippewas of the Thames, the community to which author Monty McGahey II belongs.

Price: $34.95