Takannaaluk, hardcover ed


Takannaaluk is a 32-page bilingual picture book written by Inuk Elder Herve Paniaq and illustrated by renowned Inuk artist Germaine Arnaktauyok published by Inhabit Media. In this Inuit creation story, storyteller and artist combine their remarkable talents to recount the origin of Arctic sea mammals and explains how the mother of these mammals is highly respected.  Takannaaluk means the one down there is a term used in the High Arctic to refer to the mother of sea mammals, the most important being in Inuit worldview.

Price: $16.95

Inuit Spirit: A Colouring Book by Germaine Arnaktauyok, paper ed


Inuit Spirit: A Colouring Book by Inuk artist Germaine Arnaktauyok features dozens of line drawings, followed by information on Germaine's own artistic process and her unique drawing style inspired by pointillism. Perfect for art lovers and avid colouring fans alike. Germaine Arnaktauyok is an Inuk artist and illustrator, best known for her prints and etchings depicting Inuit traditional stories and traditional ways of life.

Price: $14.95

Those That Cause Fear, hardcover ed


Those That Cause Fear introduces junior and intermediate-level students to the spine-tingling, hair-raising creatures found in Inuit legends. From the mahahaa, a fearsome creature that tickles people to death, to the palraiyuk, a reptilian creature said to have six legs and the body of a snake, this book introduces readers to 20 creepy, spooky, and downright scary creatures told about in Inuit traditional stories.

Price: $16.95

Way Back Then, hardcover ed


Way Back Then is a bedtime picture book from Inhabit Media featuring the outstanding artwork by the renowned Inuk artist Germaine Arnaktauyok. This simple bedtime story, written in both English and Inuktitut, introduces young readers to several traditional narratives or legends based on Inuit teachings. Kudlu's children will not go to sleep until he tells them a story of long ago. Before they will shut their eyes, they want to hear about a time long before Kudlu was born, a time when the world was magic.

Price: $16.95

My Name Is Arnaktauyok: The Life and Art of Germaine Arnaktauyok, paper ed


My Name Is Arnaktauyok: The Life and Art of Germaine Arnaktauyok tells the story of her life in her own words: her very traditional Inuk life growing up in Nunavut at a camp near Igloolik, and her experiences later in a residential school in Chesterfield Inlet; her education as an artist in Winnipeg and Ottawa; and her return to the North, where she continues to create drawings, etchings, and illustrations that have been featured in museums and galleries worldwide. She provides commentary on several of her works, offering a seldom-seen perspective on her inspiration and process.

Price: $24.95

Sled Dog for Moshi, A, paper ed


A Sled Dog for Moshi is a picture book first published in 1994. This reprint tells a contemporary story about an Inuk girl and her friend Jessica from New York. The two girls enjoy playing with the white terrier dog that is the New York girl's pet. Moshi really wants a pet dog just like Jessica's dog. Moshi knows the purpose of Inuit sled dogs is to pull the sled and not act as pets. Nevertheless Moshi asks her father for one of the new puppies her father's lead dog will soon have. But the dog mysteriously disappears.

Price: $9.95