Pueblo Storyteller, hardcover ed


Pueblo Storyteller is a colourful photo-essay about one 10-year-old Pueblo girl's family and their artistic and cultural traditions. April Trujillo lives with her grandparents in the Cochiti Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico. This contemporary Pueblo extended family's daily activities are described by April as she introduced the book's photographer Lawrence Migdale to bread making, pottery, drum making, and a special event. The girl begins by introducing herself, explaining her Pueblo name, and briefly outlining her community's history and culture.

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Buffalo Days, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


Buffalo Days is a colourful photo-essay about one 10-year-old Crow boy's family and their cultural traditions. Clarence Three Irons, Jr. and his family live on the Crow Reservation along the Little Bighorn River in southern Montana. Nicknamed Indian, Clarence and his brothers and parents participate in Crow cultural traditions. The text explores Crow history, contemporary lifestyle, and most importantly, the importance of the buffalo to this Plains Nation. The significance of the buffalo herds of the past and the coming of the horse to this Nation in the early 1700s are outlined.

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