Rethinking the Fur Trade: Cultures of Exchange in an Atlantic World, paper ed


Rethinking the Fur Trade: Cultures of Exchange in an Atlantic World exposes what has been called the ôinvisible hand of indigenous commerce,ö revealing how it changed European interaction with Indians, influenced what was produced to serve the interests of Indian customers, and led to important cultural innovations. The initial essays explain the working mechanisms of the fur trade and explore how and why it evolved in a North Atlantic context.

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Conquest: The Destruction of the American Indios, paper ed


Conquest: The Destruction of the American Indios written Massimo Livi Bacci, Professor of Demography at the University of Florence, details the reasons behind the population decline of Indigenous peoples of the Americas following first contact. Translated from Italian to English by Carl Ipsen the work draws on the historical record and population studies to document the economic and social factors responsible for this catastrophic population loss. The book contains sources, an index, maps, and colour plates.

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Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir, The, hardcover ed


The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir is the most recent literary memoir by noted author Leslie Marmon Silko. Part journal, part guide to the environment and to the spiritual, Leslie Marmon Silko takes readers into her world of Tuscon, Arizona and the surrounding desert on her frequent walks along the ledges and arroyos. Her journey explores the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds, the importance of memory, and the stories of traditional cultures.

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Texture of Contact: European and Indian Settler Communities on the Frontier of Iroquoia, 1667-1783, The, hardcover ed


The Texture of Contact: European and Indian Settler Communities on the Frontier of Iroquoia, 1667-1783 is a landmark study of Iroquois and European communities and coexistence in eastern North America before the American Revolution. David L. Preston details the ways in which European and Iroquois settlers on the frontiers creatively adapted to each other's presence, weaving webs of mutually beneficial social, economic, and religious relationships that sustained the peace for most of the eighteenth century.

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Native American Storytelling: A Reader of Myths and Legends, paper ed


Native American Storytelling: A Reader of Myths and Legends by scholar Karl Kroeber provides an introduction to understanding Native American stories in this colelction of 22 stories. The stories are taken from early sources recorded and translated by missionaries, anthropologists, and other non-Aboriginal sources. Stories from Seenca, Onondaga Stone Giants), Blackfoot, Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, and Inuit peoples are included. Kroeber explains his understanding of stories and storytelling from the Humanities perspective.

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I am Heartily Ashamed Volume 2: The Revolutionary War's Final Campaign as Waged from Canada in 1783, paper ed


I am Heartily Ashamed Volume 2: The Revolutionary War's Final Campaign as Waged from Canada in 1783 is the work by a reenactor of military battles. With in-depth research this volume explores the time from the spring of 1782 to the end of active campaigning in the north in the area on the frontier between Vermont, New York, and Quebec. This volume includes maps, illustrations, and appendicies.

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Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley: The St Leger Expedition of 1777, paper ed


In the summer of 1777, while the British and the Americans were engaged in the bitter American Revolution, a massive campaign was launched from Canada into New York State. Brigadier Barry St. Leger led a crucial expedition from Lake Ontario into the Mohawk Valley. The goal was to travel by waterways to join Lieutenant General John Burgoyne in the siege of Albany. But Leger encountered obstacles along the way. While laying siege to Fort Stanwix, Leger received word that Benedict Arnold was leading a massive relief column that was headed their way.

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Pilgrims of the Wild, paper ed


Reprint of Grey Owl's original book, Pilgrims of the Wild, with a new introduction by Michael Gnarowski. First published in 1935, Pilgrims of the Wild is Grey Owl's (Archie Belaney) autobiographical account of his transition from successful trapper to preservationist. With his Mohawk wife, Anahereo, Grey Owl set out to protect the environment and the endangered beaver.

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So Few On Earth: A Labrador Metis Woman Remembers, paper ed


Josephine Mildred Curl Penny grew up in Labrador during the 1940s and 1950s. Like many Metis, she and her family lived a lifestyle characterized by moving inside to the settlement of Roaches Brook each fall to hunt and trap, and outside to Spotted Islands in the spring to harvest the rich fishing grounds. Sent away to hospital at age four, to boarding school when she was seven, and forced out to work at age eleven, Josie lost the family bond so important to a young child.

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Iroquois, The paper ed (Not Always Stocked)


The Iroquois published by Blackwell and written by archaeologist Dean Snow is a comprehensive account of the five nations - Onondagas, Senecas, Mohawks, Oneidas and Cayugas - who together made up the Iroquois Confederacy. He presents detailed information form their origins in prehistory to their dispersal and confinement after the American Revolution. This accessible account by the leading scholar in the filed draws on the widest possible range of archaeological evidence to provide a narrative interpretation of a people with a complex history.

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