The employees of provide a strong backbone for our organization. Our entire team focuses wholeheartedly on our customers' needs.  Each is passionate about the role he or she plays at, and we appreciate their dedication.  Each individual's background and skills strengthen's goals, so we can provide you -- our customers -- with the absolutely best Indigenous books available and unparalleled customer service.

To enable you to "meet" our employees, we offer these brief profiles.


Jeff and Linda Burnham

Hard Work Builds Customer Loyalty

Jeff, President and a founder of, and his wife, Linda, (who, Jeff says, "keeps me organized”) are proud of the way has grown since 2000.  Both believe strongly in education and that reading a good book holds the power to change lives and create good minds. As they put it, “It all starts with a book”.

However, Jeff and Linda – and their key employees – derive perhaps their greatest satisfaction from the responses received in a recent customer satisfaction survey.  The survey showed a great depth of loyalty from their customers.  It revealed that some would not shop elsewhere for Aboriginal and general library books, in part due to the trust placed in Sheila Staats' reviews of every book before it is made available for sale.  The statements spoke of exceptional customer service received consistently from the employees at all levels.

Customer Satisfaction Survey...

The following comments speak volumes of how a few of the customers feel about working with Jeff, Linda and their team.

As one customer said, “I want to make sure that they (the team) have an understanding of the deep appreciation and gratitude that so many of us in the education field have for the work they do.”

"Customer service, delivery, book selection capabilities/quality of selection…,” said another.  “I have no time to critique everything that passes my desk in terms of questioning appropriateness and I know if I’ve asked Sheila (Staats), then I can trust her judgment.  That is really important to me.  As well, (their) continuity and consistency (are important).  I always know who I am talking to and they know me.”

Other comments illustrate the care and professionalism our team demonstrates:

“I appreciate that they make my emergencies their emergencies.”

“ offers a wonderful selection of Native resources in one place and the expertise behind it, as well as genuine heart and spirit.  They offer good customer service and good relationships.  I like their people.  I don’t think you could ask for better than that.”

“The attention to our specific queries and wide variety of solutions they offer really pinpoint what...we need.  They anticipate ideas we hadn’t thought of.”

Dr. Alison Frayne PhD. LIS Selection and Sales Consultant

Alison joined in 2019, She has a Masters degree in Information and Library Studies and a PhD in Library and Information Science.  She has worked in and volunteered in many libraries in Namibia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Canada.  Her PhD thesis focused on the rights of First Nations people with respect to public libraries and specifically focused on Six Nations Public Library. in her research she interpreted the UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rightsof Indigenous Peoples) and UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) in the context of freedom of expression and the right to access information - a right supported by international law through the ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights). Indigenous public libraries are not part of the federal service delivery mechanisms and the lack of support for libraries to deliver information services in the 21st century within a digital landscape affects wellbeing and Charter rights including section 35 of the Constitution. is delighted to have Dr. Frayne as a member of the team.  Her interests, experiences and high level of education, combined with her strong desire to enthusiastically support the reason for the SALT fund, make her a valuable resource to our devoted customers.  Customers can always count on her to make appropriate recommendations for your book selection needs.

Bonnie Levesque Sales Consultant

Bonnie Levesque is a passionate advocate of literacy for all. She has a Master of Education degree in Literacy Education and has been a teacher for 28 years. Her students always enjoyed her classroom library, a personal collection of over 3000 books. Bonnie has taken courses in Indigenous Studies, was the First Nation Inuit Metis Lead for her school board and worked as the children’s program coordinator at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre. Her Indigenous roots are from Aundeck Omni Kaning, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

Josiahs Cook, Social Media

Josiahs joined in 2008 and quickly gained favour among our customers as an educational sales consultant.  Josiahs is currently in full time studies at McMaster University and maintains the facebook page for on a part time basis.  Many of our customers have greatly appreciated the excellent workshops and presentations he delivered for as a full time educational consultant.


 Shipping and Receiving

Three terrific employees work in this busy department, ensuring that your orders are assembled and shipped promptly. As a result, you can enjoy and share your book choices as rapidly as possible.  Well organized, these employees handle the ongoing incoming new books so that our shelves are always stocked to fulfill your outgoing shipments.

Sandi Nagy

Sandi manages our shipping and receiving area and customer communications.
tel: 519-753-1185 ext. 118   email:


Kalvin Fuller, Information Technology

Kalvin has kept the computer system in perfect running order since joining us in the spring of 2004.  With nearly 30 years of Information Technology (IT) experience behind him, he is an expert at keeping ahead of the ever-changing technological curve of the book sales industry.  Prior to IT, Kalvin worked as a nurse.


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