Mocassin (Le) / The Moccasin / Ma'g'sn, paper ed. French


L’auteur et illustrateur d’origine abénakise Sylvain Rivard poursuit la série jeunesse sur l’anthropologie du vêtement chez les Premières Nations avec un cinquième titre, en s’intéressant cette fois-ci au mocassin. Qu’il soit perlé, orné de poils d’orignal ou de piquants de porc-épic, le mocassin est porté chez tous les Autochtones depuis des siècles. Il est assurément l’élément le plus connu et le plus répandu de la tradition vestimentaire des Premières Nations. Autant porté au quotidien que lors des pow-wow, le mocassin fait partie intégrante de nos vies, de nos mythes.

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Distorted Descent: White Claims to Indigenous Identity, paperback ed.


In Distorted Descent: White Claims of Indigenous Identity, Darryl Leroux explores the specifics of a social phenomena - a shifting of identity - where otherwise white, French descendants in Canada identity as Indigenous based on their Indigenous ancestors born between 300 and 375 years ago and representing about 200 000 people.

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Algonquin, Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture, hardcover ed.


Canadian Aboriginal Art And Culture, Algonquin is one of the titles in Smartbook Media’s series, Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture, published in 2019. Each title in this series provides information about First Nations, Inuit or Metis and is designed for grades five and six. Author Heather Kissock explains how the Algonquin have lived in the Ottawa Valley moving to this area from the Atlantic coast at least 600 years ago. The book contains 13 short chapters covering the following topics: the Algonquin people, their homes, communities, clothing, and food.

Price: $28.75

Welcome to New France: Conflicts in New France, paper ed


Welcome to New France: Conflicts in New France is one of six volumes in Beech Street Books set about the early development of New France written for elementary level students in grades 4 to 6. Written by Maddie Spalding the 32-page title offers basic information about the history of New France from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.

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Bear for Breakfast, Makwa kidji kijebà wìsiniyàn, paper ed


Bear for Breakfast, Makwa kidji kijebà wìsiniyàn is the recent Robert Munsch picture book about a young boy who wants to have a unique breakfast. Instead of having a bowl of cereal or some delicious pancakes Donovan tells his mother he wants to eat bear for breakfast. Donovan’s grandfather explained that as a child he often ate bear for his breakfast. Mother explains that she had just shopped for groceries but if Donovan hurried he might find some bear meat for his morning meal. Donovan immediately sets out to locate bear. He meets locates several animals but there are no bears.

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La vie autochtone au Canada: au passé, au présent et au futur: Les Traités (Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future: Treaties, hardcover ed


La vie autochtone au Canada: au passé au présent et au futur is the French Edition of Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future. This set of 32-page books written by Simon Rose for Beech Street Books is designed for elementary students from grades 4 to 7. The books offer introductions to the history of Indigenous Peoples in the story of Canada.

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Solemn Words and Foundational Documents: An Annotated Discussion of Indigenous-Crown Treaties in Canada, 1752-1923, paper ed.


Solemn Words and Foundational Documents: An Annotated Discussion of Indigenous-Crown Treaties in Canada, 1752-1923 is an important contribution to the study of the history of Indigenous treaties in Canada. Historian Jean-Pierre Morin, adjunct professor in the department of history at Carleton University compiled the eight treaties in this volume. The treaties include the 1752 Peace and Friendship Treaty, the Huron-British Treaty, the 1805 Toronto Purchase, the Robinson-Huron Treaty, the Saanich Treaty, the 1871 Treaty 1, 1899 Treaty 8, and the 1923 Williams Treaty.

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