Winter in the Blood, reprint, paper ed


Winter in the Blood is a novel written by noted author James Welch (1940-2003). This Penguin Classic edition contains the novel with an introduction by Louise Erdrich. First released in 1974, Welch's work stands the test of time and remains one of the must-read novels written by a Native American author. The story is set on the Fort Belknap reservation in Montana and recreates the life of a solitary 32-year-old Blackfoot man. He lives on the reservation but also hangs out at the local bars just off the reservation.

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Death of Jim Loney, The, reprint, paper ed


James Welch never shied away from depicting the lives of Native Americans damned by destiny and temperament to the margins of society. The Death of Jim Loney is no exception. Jim Loney is a mixed-blood, of white and Indian parentage. Estranged from both communities, he lives a solitary, brooding existence in a small Montana town. His nights are filled with disturbing dreams that haunt his waking hours. Rhea, his lover, cannot console him; Kate, his sister, cannot penetrate his world. In sparse, moving prose, Welch has crafted a riveting tale of disenfranchisement and self-destruction.

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Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance: The Glorious Imposter, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance: The Glorious Imposter is the fascinating account of the life of Sylvester Long (1890-1932) of North Carolina as he managed to convince an unsuspecting public that he was not Black but rather he was either Cherokee or Blackfoot (Siksika). This account by renowned historian Donald Smith offers readers an engaging biography and an intriguing historical mystery. With impeccable scholarship and numerous historical photographs, the author presents the imposter's life as Long deceives both American and Canadian officials.

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Poundmaker: Peace Chief, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


Poundmaker: Peace Chief is one of the titles in the Reaching Readers, Canadian Biographies series published by Pearson Education. This biography is written for the Guided Reading Level O-P and the DRA Level 34-38. This biography of Cree leader Poundmaker offers grade 3 students basic information about the people of the Canadian Prairies and their history of contact. Poundmaker was born about 1842 and died on July 4, 1886. After the death of his parents, young Poundmaker grew up during the times of the buffalo hunt. Later he was adopted by Blackfoot leader Crowfoot.

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Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta: Five Hundred Generations, paper ed


Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta: Five Hundred Generations was co-produced by the Provincial Museum of Alberta and Syncrude as a partnership to support the museum exhibition, Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta. While the 81-page resource begins with a section based on traditional archaeological understanding of First Nations' origins, the remaining sections of the book cover the history and culture of the First Nations and Métis of Alberta.

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Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art


Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art is an exhibition catalogue accompanying the Glenbow Museum's art exhibition that opened in February 2008. The catalogue celebrates the range and complexity of First Nations art of the past and present by combining museum artifacts with contemporary art pieces. The museum's collection showcases pieces that were collected from the First Nations of the northern Plains and Subarctic culture regions. These include children's moccasins, coats, a girl's jingle dress, a woman's saddle, men's shirts, pipe bags, and a pictograph robe.

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Beauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts, paper ed


Beauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts is the exhibition catalogue for the National Museum of the American Indian and the Minneapolis Institute of Art's show that celebrates and honour the craftsmanship and artistry of the decorated hide shirts from the Great Plains people. Drawing on the Museum's exquisite collection of 400 men's hide shirts, the co-curators George P. Horse Capture and his son Joseph Horse Capture, the book features 53 of the truly amazing leather shirts created during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist, hardcover ed


Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist is a memoir by Woody Kipp, an English instructor at Blackfeet Community College on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, and a former Marine during the Viet Nam War. At Wounded Knee Kipp realized that he had become the enemy in his homeland. With candor, bitter humor, and biting insight, this book tells the story of the long and tortuous trail that led Kipp from the Blackfeet Reservation of his birth to a terrible moment of reckoning on the plains of South Dakota.

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