Crowfoot, revised edition


Crowfoot is the revised edition of the Fitzhenry and Whiteside title from The Canadians Series. This biography of the noted Blackfoot leader explores his life and times during the troubled period of the mid-nineteenth century on the Canadian Prairies. Crowfoot (1830-1890) is considered a significant leader of his people during the times when the buffalo disappeared and unrestricted European settlement flooded the plains. The text begins with Crowfoot's birth during a time of prosperity for his people.

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Blackfoot Grammar, reprint


Blackfoot Grammar is a valuable language resource for the layperson and linguist. Based on decades of research, this book can serve as a reference text for courses on the structure of Blackfoot, as well as a reference grammar for linguists. The early chapters are useful for anyone learning about Blackfoot and they cover the basics of Blackfoot grammar. The remaining chapters are technical and require careful reading of the early chapters in order to grasp the previously introduced concepts and terms.

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Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots and Affixes, The - 2nd edition, paper ed


The Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots and Affixes is the second edition of the dictionary originally published in 1989. This edition contains 300 new entries and amplifies over 1000 other entries. It contains more than 4,000 Blackfoot-English entries and an English index of more than 5,000 entries. Cultural terms are included in this comprehensive guide to the vocabulary of the Siksika language spoken in Alberta and Montana. Donald Frantz is Professor of Native Studies, University of Lethbridge.

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Medicine River, paper ed


Medicine River is a witty, engaging novel set in a contemporary Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve community, called Medicine River. Thomas King introduces two key characters, Harlan Bigbear and his photographer friend Will. Harlan is the classic trickster character who has a scheme for his recently returned friend Will. An award-winning news photographer Will returns for his mother's funeral. His best friend sets out to have Will photograph Medicine River Elders. Will sets up his new photography business in Medicine River and finds himself playing basketball for the community's team.

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Truth and Bright Water, paper ed


Truth and Bright Water is an interesting novel by Thomas King about two youths living along the Montana - Alberta border. The small American town is called Truth; and the reserve just across the border is called Bright Water. Cousin Lum tries desperately to wint the Indian Days race and so move away from his abusive parent. Cousin Tesumseh also attempts to understand his family. The easy to read style contains themes of love, betrayal, reconciliation, self-discovery and the search for meaning.

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Native North American Art, paper ed


Native North American Art is part of the Oxford History of Art Series and this volume sets out to examine and describe the current state of the arts in contemporary Canada and the United States. Berlo and Phillips are two art historians who bring impeccable credentials to the task. The text introduces to readers an appreciation for the richness and diversity of Indigenous arts from its earliest forms to the installations of modern artists.

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