Tribal Theory in Native American Literature: Dakota and Haudenosaunee Writing and Indigenous Worldviews, hardcover ed


Tribal Theory in Native American Literature: Dakota and Haudenosaunee Writing and Indigenous Worldviews offers an Indigenous approach to literary criticism as Seneca scholar examines Dakota and Mohawk authors' works. Penelope Myrtle Kelsey is a professor of English literature at Western Illinois University and she brings her academic background as well as an Indigenous sensibility to the study of specific Dakota authors such as Marie McLaughlin, Charles Eastman, Zitkala-èa (Gertrude Bonnin), Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Ella Deloria, and Philip Red Eagle.

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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors: A Photographic History, hardcover ed


Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors: A Photographic History is published by Harper Collins and the Smithsonian Institution celebrating the photographs taken by Gertrude Kasebier. Her work focuses on the Native American participants of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Associate curator at the Photographic Collection of the Museum of American History Michelle Delaney provides historical context for the photographer and her subjects.

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Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art


Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art is an exhibition catalogue accompanying the Glenbow Museum's art exhibition that opened in February 2008. The catalogue celebrates the range and complexity of First Nations art of the past and present by combining museum artifacts with contemporary art pieces. The museum's collection showcases pieces that were collected from the First Nations of the northern Plains and Subarctic culture regions. These include children's moccasins, coats, a girl's jingle dress, a woman's saddle, men's shirts, pipe bags, and a pictograph robe.

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Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter Count at the Smithsonian, The, hardcover ed


The Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter Count at the Smithsonian is co-published by the University of Nebraska Press and the National Museum of the American Indian. It celebrates the unique historical record of the Lakota Nation found in their winter counts. As a record of historical events important to the Lakota, this book contains representation from 14 winter counts that extend historical knowledge over 200 years of Lakota history. In a selection of essays the book documents these 14 calendar records that record the Leonid meteor shower of 1833û34.

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Indians in Minnesota, 5th edition, paper ed


Indians in Minnesota is the fifth edition of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota title first issued in 1962. The goal of the first edition was to provide comprehensive information about the lives of Minnesota Indians and their relationships with federal, state, and local governments. This edition brings the information up-to-date with details about the Ojibwe and Dakota people living on reservations and in the urban areas of Minnesota. The research is based on information from the 2000 Minnesota census as well as interviews with Ojibwe tribal members.

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Sioux, The (Native American Histories), hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT The Sioux is one of the titles in the Learner Publications series, Native American Histories. Each of the titles in this newly released series covers the basic historical and cultural traditions of the Nations being studied. In this book, the Sioux Nation (Lakota, Dakota and Nakota) are described in five chapters. The meaning of the name, Sioux, is explained. Their lifestyle such as family life, the importance of the buffalo in Sioux economy, the roles of men and women, and spiritual beliefs are briefly detailed.

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Remember This!: Dakota Decolonization and the Eli Taylor Narratives, paper ed NO LONGER AVAILABLE


NO LONGER AVAILABLE Waziyatawin Angela Wilson, both a historian and a member of the Dakota Nation, demonstrates the value of oral history in this bilingual presentation and skillful analysis of the stories told by the Dakota elder Eli Taylor (1908-99). Taylor lived on the Sioux Valley Reserve in Manitoba, Canada, and was adopted into Wilson's family in 1988. He agreed to tell her his story and to share his accounts of the origins, history, and life ways of the Dakotas.

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Seth Eastman: A Portfolio of North American Indians, hardcover ed


Portfolio of Seth Eastman (1808-1875) watercolours of mainly Dakota and Ojibwe from 1849 to 1855. The coffee-table book contains 56 colour plates that include many well-known scenes such as Ojibwe gathering wild rice, the Indian sugar cap, and protecting the corn fields. Other images include a portrait of Red Jacket, Seneca leader, and a pastoral scene of Oneida Lake on the location of the famous Oneida Standing Stone. The book contains two essays as well as a description of the plates by Christian Feest. Several images portray Native women involved in activities of daily living.

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