Lakota Dictionary: Lakota-English / English-Lakota, new comprehensive edition, paper ed


Lakota Dictionary: Lakota-English / English-Lakota is the new comprehensive edition of the 1970 publication, A Dictionary of the Teton Dakota Sioux Language. Original compiler, Eugene Buechel (1874-1954), was a Jesuit priest who spent many years working with the Lakota people. This edition contains over 30,000 entries and includes the important English-to-Lakota section as well as the Lakota-to-English entries. A brief introduction to the Lakota Sioux language provides a pronunciation guide as well as a section on how to use the dictionary.

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Iktomi and the Ducks and Other Sioux Stories, reprint, paper ed


In this renowned collection of fourteen traditional stories, the noted Yankton Sioux writer Zitkala-èa (1876û1938) shares stories learned during her childhood in the late nineteenth century. Told for generations, these stories are part of both the heritage and the legacy of the Yankton Sioux, reflecting an active, continually revitalized storytelling tradition. Power, wonder, and a distinctive understanding of the world ican be found in these narratives.

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Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, The, hardcover ed


The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle is a fascinating approach to cultural appropriation in a children's picture book. Developed by Gay Matthaei and Jewel Grutman with the drawings of Adam Cvijanovic, the team recreates a ledgerbook purportedly drawn by former Carlisle Boarding School student, Thomas Blue Eagle. This fictional character is said to be Lakota Sioux who is sent to the Carlisle School to learn the ways of the white man. This ledgerbook shows the thoughts, feelings, and drawings of Thomas Blue Eagle as he remembers his former family life.

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Canadian Sioux, The, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher The Canadian Sioux is an anthropological study of the Dakota of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, descendents of the Sioux who took refuge in Canada during the 1860s and 1870s. Based on the author's fieldwork undertaken during the 1970s on the eight reserves, the work describes the history and cultural traditions of the Dakota. Main focus is the ceremonial heritage from the Woodland and Plains cultures.

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550 Dakota Verbs


550 Dakota Verbs is a language resource created by two Dakota language speakers and educators provides students of the Dakota language with a tool for conjugating verbs. The dialect selected for this text is Minnesota Dakota. The resource was created for language learners who want to improve their everyday Dakota conversation. The text is organized into two main sections - one with a Dakota - English word list and the other with an English - Dakota word list.

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