Dakota of the Canadian Northwest: Lessons for Survival, The, paper ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest: Lessons for Survival recounts the history of the Dakota in Canada by examining the economic strategies they used to survive. The Dakota came to the Red River area in 1862, bringing with them their skills in hunting and gathering, fishing and farming. Each of the bands that came to the Canadian prairies had a different combination of skills and adapted in a different way to the conditions they found.

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Trickster and the Troll, The, paper ed


The Trickster and the Troll by Lakota writer, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, presents her interpretation of an imagined encounter between the Sioux trickster and the Norwegian troll. Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve draws on her tribal heritage for the character of Iktomi, the Sioux trickster, and her husband's Norwegian heritage for the troll character. The author explains the idea for the book came from this dual heritage of her children and goes on to explain the nature of the Sioux trickster and the Norwegian troll.

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Northern Traditional Dancer, The, paper ed


The Northern Traditional Dancer is a publication from Book Publishing Company and describes the regalia and dance style of the Northern Traditional Dancers. At a powwow this men's dance style is common among senior men as well as young men. This how-to guide offers full colour photographs of current traditional dancer's regalia as well as details for making the essential pieces. The 48-page book includes the origins of this dance as well as archival images of historical dancers.

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Singing for a Spirit - A Portrait of the Dakota Sioux, hardcover edition


Singing for a Spirit - A Portrait of the Dakota Sioux by noted Sioux author and historian Vine Deloria Jr represents an interesting combination of family history combined with Sioux oral tradition and historical writings by a Non-Native author. Deloria explains in his introduction that his family has always wanted to set the record straight in response to Sarah Olden's book, The People of Tipi Sapa, written in 1918. Tipi Sapa was a Yankton Sioux Chief, prominent Episcopal clergyman, and Vine Deloria's grandfather.

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Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region, paper ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region is a reprint from the 33rd Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1919. This reissue of Melvin Gilmore's (1868-1949) University of Nebraska thesis describes the ethnobotany of the Missouri River Valley. Gilmore conducted his research with various members of the Ponca, Teton Dakota, Omaha, and Pawnee Nations of the Plains.

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Completing the Circle, reprint UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Completing the Circle is a family history that spans seven generations of Lakota/Dakota people in the American West. Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve is a well-known children's writer who turned her narrative skill to a portrait of her maternal and paternal grandmothers and great-grandmothers. The book began as a family photo album project and turned into a slim volume of storytelling about the lives of Sioux women from the 1850s to the present.

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