Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 2, paper ed


Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 2 is the follow-up manual for Learning By Designing volume 1 and takes the reader further into an understanding of Northwest Coast First Nations art and design. The authors Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark provide teachers and students with a basic introduction to the art of the Northwest Coast as well as an understanding First Nations ethics and philosophy.

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Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 1, paper ed


Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 1 is a comprehensive reference tool for anyone interested in the art designs of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations. Karin Clark and Jim Gilbert have provided an especially detailed resource that draws on their combined talents as educator and art teacher. While neither author has First Nations ancestry, they have both studied with and interviewed Northwest Coast artists and Elders.

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Learning By Doing: Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, paper ed


Learning By Doing: Northwest Coast Native Indian Art by educator Karin Clark and artist Jim Gilbert offers elementary and secondary teachers a curriculum guide to teaching the basics of Northwest Coast art. The step-by-step instruction builds on simple designs to the more complex basics of drawing, designing, painting and carving. The work focuses on Kwakwaka'wakw designs and presents blackline masters, lessons, and assessment forms.

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What Am I Seeing?: Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art, paper ed


What Am I Seeing?: Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art is an informative sixty-four page guide to art created by the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The guide is written by educator Karin Clark with the assistance of First Nations artists Jim Gilbert, Bell Helin, and Ron Stacy. The book begins with a brief overview of the First Nations who live in British Columbia. The explanation of the Potlatch is provided because this is one of important ceremonies of the First Nations for which specific regalia, masks, containers, jewelry and gifts are created.

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I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery, hardcover ed


I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery is a recent release by Métis author David Bouchard about the importance of understanding one's character. Using the exquisite illustrations of Kwakwaka’wakw artist Andy Everson, the author explains this journey to self-knowledge using readily identifiable Northwest Coast imagery and story. Finding one's true identity through the story about a wise chief and his quest to organize a potlatch provides readers with concrete examples from the human and animal worlds.

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Art of the Northwest Coast, paper ed


Art historian Aldona Jonaitis provides an overview of Northwest Coast First Nations art traditions. The work covers the continuous nature of the artistic endeavours of the First Nations from Puget Sound to Haida Gwaii and Alaska. Traditional and contemporary art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are described. Artists of particular interest are Charles Edenshaw, Bill Reid, Susan Point, Frederick Alexie, Selina Peratrovich, Preston Singletary, Marianne Nicholson and Eric Robertson. The volume includes a bibliography, extensive index, colour photographs, and a map.

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Secret of the Dance, hardcover ed OUT OF PRRINT


UNAVAILABLE Secret of the Dance is a picture book tells the fictional story of an nine-year-old Kwakwaka'wakw boy who witnesses a Potlatch Ceremony in 1935. Retired provincial court judge, Alfred Scow, recounts the event to Andrea Spalding about this once forbidden ceremony. The federal government passed legislation prohibiting Potlatch Ceremonies in 1885. These important ceremonies were often held in private by families because if caught the participants could face prison time or have their regalia and masks confiscated.

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My Life in a Kwagu'l Big House, paper ed


Memoir of first-time author Diane 'Honey' Jacobson (1955- ) - In 31 brief chapters, Jacobson recounts some of her experiences from her childhood spent growing up in a multi-family house at Alert Bay. In this home several generations of relatives raised their families under the watchful eyes of grandparents, aunts and uncles. Many of the stories revolve around everyday life at Namgis First Nation. Childhood was a happy time spent playing with cousins and brother and sister.

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Staking Land Claims, paper ed


Staking Land Claims is the catalogue of the art exhibition held at the Walter Phillips Art Gallery in February 1997. Curated by Patricia Deadman, the exhibition focuses on the work of four Indiginous artists: Kelly Greene, Anne Walk, Michael Belmore and Mary Anne Barkhouse. These four Aboriginal artists explore First Nations and their relationships to the land and environment. Their installations explore each artist's personal connection to the land and their responses to identity, traditions and memory.

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Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form, paper ed


The masterworks of Northwest Coast Indians are admired today as among the great achievements of the world's artisans. The painted and carved wooden screens, chests and boxes for storage and cooking, dishes, rattles, crest hats, and other ceremonial objects reveal a rare artistic virtuosity and document the unique involvement of these craftsmen with their environment.

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