Red Rooms, paperback ed.


Red Rooms by Cherie Dimaline, a Métis writer and activist from the Georgian Bay Métis Nation in Canada, is about Naomi, an Indigenous chambermaid in a busy downtown hotel who amuses herself by imagining the past, present and future lives of five hotel guests, whom she observed in passing, in the hotel lobby and through relics left in their rooms. Struck by their remains, their footprints and their clues, Naomi patches them together to weave tales of infatuation, love, infidelity, illness, death and family. 

Price: $18.95

Coyote Takes A Walk, paperback ed. Available October 1, 2021.


A lot of time has passed but the Trickster has returned and the world that he left is in desperate need of some levity, the truth and most importantly, reconciliation. It is time to start again. In the spirit of treaty. But before that can happen some things need to be cleared up. Some eyes need to be opened but most importantly some hearts need to change. This is a story of change. For the better.

Price: $19.00

A People and a Nation: New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies, hardcover ed.


In A People and a Nation:  New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies, edited by Jennifer Adese, otipemisiwak/Métis and Chris Andersen, Métis, offer readers a set of lenses through which to consider the complexity of historical and contemporary Métis nationhood and peoplehood. Multidisciplinary chapters on identity, politics, literature, history, spirituality, religion, and kinship networks orient the conversation toward Métis experiences today.

Price: $75.00

Women of the Métis Nation, paper ed.


Women of the Métis Nation is compiled by Lawrence J. Barkwell and Leah Marie Dorion with Anne Carrière-Acco.Métis. Women are the heart and soul of the Métis people. Without them, there would be no Métis Nation. They are the strength behind our families, communities, and places of work. In the past, their kinship networks established where people settled and whom people married.

Price: $30.00

Lac Pelletier: My Métis Home, paperback ed.


Lac Pelletier: My Métis Home, is by Cecile Blanke, a prominent Métis Elder living in Swift Current, Saskatchewan with deep roots in nearby Lac Pelletier. Cecile has been a tireless presence on the Métis and larger cultural scene in southwest Saskatchewan for many years. The history of the southwest Saskatchewan Métis is not widely known, and this book contributes significantly to our knowledge of this community.

Price: $20.00

Road to La Prairie Ronde, paperback ed.


Cort Dogniez’s Road to La Prairie Ronde, takes the reader on an imagined journey of his ancestor, Frederick Dumont, from his home in Batoche to the Métis settlement of La Prairie Ronde, known today as Round Prairie. Frederick was a relative of the famous Métis leader, Gabriel Dumont. Frederick’s journey takes place just a few years prior to the tragic events of the 1885 Resistance.This charming coming-of-age story focuses on young Frederick learning valuable lessons from his family as he begins his own journey from boyhood to manhood.

Price: $15.00

Road Allowance Kitten: Broken Promises, paperback ed. Dual Language


Road Allowance Kitten: Broken Promises is a bilingual (Michif/English) picture book by Wilfred Burton and with Michif translation by Norman Fleury. This book is illustrated by Christian Johns. They share more of the adventures of the main characters, Rosie and Madeline, and their pet kitten. Their adventure began in Road Allowance Kitten, which has become a very popular and widely-acclaimed book within the canon of Métis children’s literature. Readers urged author Wilfred Burton to share what happens next.

Price: $15.00

Little Athapapuskow, paperback ed.


Little Athapapuskow is collection of poems named after a lake Guy Freedman grew up on near Flin Flon, Manitoba. They represent his efforts to challenge Catholicism and its complicity with the Confederation project, which dismantled the New Nation developing in the Canadian Northwest. The poems are organized into three parts—past, present, and future—and they address the inter-generational impacts of the Church on his family in relation to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. This book is his love song to his home and to his country.

Price: $20.00

Let Me See Your Fancy Steps—Story of a Métis Dance Caller. The Story of Jeanne Pelletier as told to Sylvie Sara Roy and Wilfred Burton, paperback ed.


Let Me See Your Fancy Steps - The Story of a Métis Dance Caller. The Story of Jeanne Pelletier as told to Sylvie Sara Roy and Wilfred Burton is the story of Jeanne’s achievement as the first female Métis dance caller and is about Métis dance.

Price: $25.00

Recontre ta famille (Meet Your Family), hardcover ed. French


Recontre ta famille (Meet Your Family) is by David Bouchard who was named to the Order of Canada in 2009 for his contributions as an author of children's books. David is Métis/Ojibway of the Martin Clan, his Ojibway name is Zhiibaayaanakwad. Recontre ta famille is illustrated by Kristy Cameron who is of Métis descent. Recontre ta famille is a story about Mother Earth. We come from her, we go to her, without her we wouldn't be here, she gives all of us life and because of her we are all one family.

Price: $24.99