Native Nations of the Northeast, hardcover ed


Native Nations of the Northeast is one of the titles in The Child's World's 2016 series, Native Nations of North America. This 40-page elementary information book introduces the key cultural families of the northeastern United States and Canada, including the Abenaki, Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois), Lenape, Narragansett, Ojibwe, Pequot, Powhatan, and Wampanoag Nations. Each Nations' historical significance, cultural highlights, and contemporary life are all examined through respectful text and well-chosen photos.

Price: $40.33

Rock and Roll Highway: The Robbie Robertson Story, hardcover ed


Rock and Roll Highway: The Robbie Robertson Story is a 40-page picture book about the Mohawk/Jewish musician Robbie Robertson. Told through the storytelling of his son Sebastian Robertson, this biography traces the early childhood of Robbie from his introduction to music as played by his Mohawk relatives at Six Nations of the Grand River to his big break into the music industry with legendary Ronnie Hawkins. Through the remarkable images created in oils by book illustrator Adam Gustavson, the story takes the reader to key episodes in singer-songwriter Robbie Robertson's life story.

Price: $19.99

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker, hardcover ed


Hiawatha and the Peacemaker is an outstanding picture book that explains the essential knowledge about the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace retold for readers in grade 4 and up. Six Nations musician Robbie Robertson (formerly of The Band) teams up with American artist David Shannon to create a richly illustrated account of the journey of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker who brought the message of peace, power, and righteousness to five warring nations (the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, and the Onondaga).

Price: $24.95

We are Born With the Songs Inside Us: Lives and Stories of First Nations People in British Columbia, paper ed


We are Born With the Songs Inside Us: Lives and Stories of First Nations People in British Columbia is a collection of sixteen interviews by journalist Katherine Palmer Gordon with young First Nations adults in varied fields such as art, law, activists, and community leaders.

Price: $24.95

American Indian Families (A True Book), paper ed


American Indian Families is part of The True Book Series published by Children's Press especially for elementary students in grades three to five. This information book is arranged into brief chapters about the nature of Native American families and how different nations' families were organized. The author and publisher have tackled a complex topic by explaining the different kinds of family groups among various Native American Nations that elementary students can appreciate Indigenous cultures.

Price: $7.99

Tekahionwake: E. Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America, paper ed


Tekahionwake: E Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America edited by English professors Margery Fee and Dory Nason have assembled an anthology of poems, fiction, and nonfiction about the so-called Indigenous question as it was examined in the nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries.  Emily Pauline Johnson, also known as Tekahionwake, is remarkable as one of a very few early North American Indigenous poets and fiction writers.

Price: $19.95

Introduction to Indigenous Literary Criticism in Canada, paper ed


Introduction to Indigenous Literary Criticism in Canada editors, Armand Garnet Ruffo and Heather Macfarlane, gathered this collection that serves to trace the development of Indigenous literatures while highlighting major trends and themes. The anthology collects 26 indispensable critical essays, from E. Pauline Johnson to Daniel Heath Justice. Though Canadian critics and writers are emphasized, some key works of Native American literary criticism such as N. Scott Momaday, Kimberley Blaeser, Qwo-Li Driskill, and Daniel Heath Justice are also included.

Price: $39.95

Teacher's Guide for the Series Tales from Big Spirit, revised ed, paper ed


Teacher's Guide for the Series Tales from Big Spirit is designed to help classroom teachers use the graphic novel series, Tales From Big Spirit, by David Alexander Robertson. The guide provides detailed lessons that meet a wide range of language arts and social studies goals, integrate Indigenous perspectives, and make curricular content more accessible to diverse learners. It is organized into three sections.

Price: $29.00

Urban Tribes: Native Americans in the City, hardcover ed 2017 FNCR


Urban Tribes offers unique insight into this growing and often misperceived group of Indigenous people. This anthology profiles young urban First Nation men and women and how they connect with their culture and values in their contemporary lives. Their stories are as diverse as they are. From a young Dene woman pursuing an MBA at Stanford University to a Pima photographer in Phoenix to a Mohawk actress in New York City, these urban residents share their unique insight to bridge the divide between their past and their future, their cultural home, and their adopted cities.

Price: $21.95

Literary Land Claims: The Indian Land Question from Pontiac's War to Attawapiskat, paper ed


Literary Land Claims: From Pontiac’s War to Attawapiskat analyzes works produced between 1832 and the late 1970s by writers who resisted these dominant notions. Margery Fee, professor of English at the University of British Columbia, where she has taught Indigenous literature since 1996, examines the standard notions of Canadian literature that views the land as Canadians' home and native land, and has been used as evidence of the civilization needed to claim and rule that land.

Price: $38.99