Ceremony, paper ed


Tayo, a young Native American, has been a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II, and the horrors of captivity have almost eroded his will to survive. His return to the Laguna Pueblo reservation only increases his feeling of estrangement and alienation. While other returning soldiers find easy refuge in alcohol and senseless violence, Tayo searches for another kind of comfort and resolution. Tayo's quest leads him back to the Indian past and its traditions, to beliefs about witchcraft and evil, and to the ancient stories of his people.

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From Sand Creek, paper ed


From Sand Creek is a cycle of poems by Acoma Pueblo poet and storyteller Simon J. Ortiz. This collection first published in 1981 is based on Ortiz's personal sense of American history as it relates to Native Americans. Inspired to write about a horrendous event from 1864 when US military massacred Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children who had gathered at Sand Creek under a US flag this poetry collection pays tribute to their memory.

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UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher My Horse is an 8-page book developed by Bebop Books for young readers. It features a reading recovery level of 5, and a word count of 32. In this picture book, a young Pueblo boy cares for his horse on the reservation. The colour drawings by Navajo artist Anthony Chee Emerson show the boy and his horse in several activities that captures their loving relationship. This is an excellent book for preschool and kindergarten children; it will also appeal to the multicultural and Native classroom.

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Pueblo Girls - Growing Up in Two Worlds


Pueblo Girls - Growing Up in Two Worlds is a photo essay about the lives of two contemporary Pueblo girls who live in New Mexico at San Ildefonso Pueblo. Ten-year-old Sonja Roybal and her eight-year-old sister Desiree enjoy the activities of any preteen growing up in America. They ride bicycles, play video games, enjoy basketball and cheerleading, and play with their Barbies. A major difference is their culture.

Price: $16.80

Pueblo Profiles - Cultural Identity through Centuries of Change


Pueblo Profiles - Cultural Identity through Centuries of Change is a unique perspective on Pueblo history. Written by a Jemez Pueblo author, these thirty biographies tell the remarkable story of the Pueblo Indians from 1680 to the present. Each individual biographical sketch explains the importance of the person as well as his or her contribution to Pueblo society and the larger American society. The author clearly states his intentions to inform Non-Native readers about his communities and their struggle to remain Pueblo.

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Old Father Story Teller, hardcover ed


Old Father Story Teller is a book written and illustrated by internationally acclaimed artist Pablita Velarde. This Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa artist has chosen six traditional stories for her collection. The cover art, Old Father Story Teller, is one of her best-known works. The Elder is shown telling stories about the stars and constellations that arc across the night sky. The first story, The Stars, tells how Long Sash (also known as Orion) led the ancestors of the Pueblo people to their beautiful homeland. Another story, Turkey Girl, is a Pueblo version of a Cinderella story.

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Pueblo Nations - Eight Centuries of Pueblo Indian History, paper ed


Pueblo Nations - Eight Centuries of Pueblo Indian History is a unique history of the nineteen Indian Pueblos of New Mexico told by noted Jemez Pueblo writer and historian, Joe Sando. The history begins with an introduction to the Pueblo as a Nation within a Nation. The author continues with the traditional history of the Pueblo People. The next major period is first contact with the Spanish and the subsequent Pueblo Revolt. After the Spanish, the United States' role in Pueblo history is explained through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Taos controversy.

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Southwest Indian Cookbook: Pueblo and Navajo


Southwest Indian Cookbook: Pueblo and Navajo contains 90 recipes collected from traditional Pueblo and Navajo cooks by Marcia Keegan. The author has adapted these mouthwatering recipes for use in any American or Canadian kitchen. This cookbook is more than a collection of recipes. Marcia Keegan has worked as a photojournalist in the American Southwest and has interwoven text and colour photographs with each recipe. The sacred nature of food and its preparation among the Navajo and Pueblo is made clear with the inclusion of appropriate facts and quotations.

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Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story, hardcover ed


Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story is a remarkable story written and illustrated by Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday. In the preface of his first children's book, the Kiowa author explains the story's context and inspiration. At the age of twelve, Momaday and his family moved to Jemez Pueblo in the Southwest of the United States. On the eve of his first Christmas there, Momaday experienced the power and wonder of Christmas in this spiritual place. This wonder is transferred to the story of a young Pueblo boy who is unable to speak.

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