Grandpa's Girls, hardcover ed


Grandpa's Girls by Interior Salish children's author Nicola Campbell offers a delightful picture book about a young girl and her cousins who enjoy their visits to their grandfather's working farm. The book captures the unbridled joy and excitement of visiting one's relatives, exploring a hay loft, feeding crabapples to the horse, examining jars of preserves in the root cellar, and endlessly running and playing. Based on her childhood experiences, the storyteller reminds us that the best time of all is just being with one's grandparent.

Price: $18.95

All the Stars in the Sky: Native Stories from the Heavens, hardcover ed


All the Stars in the Sky: Native Stories from the Heavens by Mohawk artist and storyteller C. J. Taylor retells seven traditional stories about the stars, the sun, and the moon. The retellings draw inspiration from Cherokee, Blackfoot, Onondaga, Inuit, Wasco, Salish, and Ojibwe legends. The stories are accompanied by occasional paintings by Taylor.

Price: $19.99

Geography of Memory: Recovering Stories of a Landscape's First People, The


The Geography of Memory: Recovering Stories of a Landscape's First People is a personal account of the geography and environment of the West Kootenay area and the Sinixt First Nation. Author Eileen Delehanty Pearkes researched the literature and archives and interviewed Elders to locate the lost knowledge of this First Nation that was declared extinct by the government in 1956. As a Salish-speaking people, the Sinixt have continued to hold their knowledge through stories and the lands of the area.

Price: $19.95

Shin-chi's Canoe, hardcover ed


Shin-chi's Canoe is Nicola Campbell's sequel to Shi-shi-etko, the story about a young girl's first year at residential school. In this second picture book, Shi-shi-etko returns for another school year and brings along her six-year-old brother. Shin-chi loves to fish and accompany his father in the canoe. But a new experience awaits and his sister helps him prepare for what will happen at school. Their mother explains to the children that she does not want to send them but there are laws compelling parents to send their children to boarding schools.

Price: $18.95

Buffalo Song, hardcover ed


Buffalo Song is a new picture book from prolific Abenaki storyteller and author Joseph Bruchac. This fictionalized account of the initial rescue of the American bison or buffalo is told through the eyes of the people first involved. The story opens in the year 1873 as two Nez Perce riders come across the bodies of slaughtered buffalo on the floor of a protected canyon. Hunters had taken only the tongues and left the animals where they fell. Only a weakened calf survived and the boy and his father take the dying calf to a man known as Sam Walking Coyote.

Price: $26.55

Salish People and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, The, paper ed


The Salish People and the Lewis and Clark Expedition is an impressive historical and cultural book written by The Salish-Pend d'Oreille Culture Committee and Elders Cultural Advisory Council, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Their reaction to the Lewis and Clark Expedition bicentennial celebrated by America was to prepare their own history. The result is a remarkable resource that covers cultural traditions, language, oral history accounts, environmental understandings, and traditional stories by the Salish people of western Montana.

Price: $37.50

Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 1, paper ed


Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 1 is a comprehensive reference tool for anyone interested in the art designs of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations. Karin Clark and Jim Gilbert have provided an especially detailed resource that draws on their combined talents as educator and art teacher. While neither author has First Nations ancestry, they have both studied with and interviewed Northwest Coast artists and Elders.

Price: $32.95

Indigenous Storywork: Educating the Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit, paper ed


Indigenous oral narratives are an important source for, and component of, Coast Salish knowledge systems. Stories are not only to be recounted and passed down; they are also intended as tools for teaching. Jo-ann Archibald worked closely with Elders and storytellers, who shared both traditional and personal life-experience stories, in order to develop ways of bringing storytelling into educational contexts.

Price: $46.15

Salish: Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture, hardcover ed-LIMITED QUANTITIES


Salish: Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture is one of the titles in the Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture series published by Weigl Educational Publishers. This volume written by Christine Webster describes the cultural history of the Coast and Interior Salish, the people who live in the southern part of British Columbia. The Interior Salish includes the Lillooet, Shuswap, Okanagan, and Thompson Salish. The Coast Salish includes the Bella Coola, Squamish, Halkomelem, and the Straights Salish Nations.

Price: $28.75