Danny Blackgoat: Dangerous Passage, paper ed


Danny Blackgoat: Dangerous Passage is the concluding novel of the Danny Blackgoat trilogy. During the Civil War, the United States Army imprisoned thousands of Navajos in unsafe conditions at Fort Sumner. Through the eyes of teenager Danny Blackgoat, readers experience how the Dine people struggled to survive. In this novel, the major characters appear in a final scene of reckoning. Danny Blackgoat must face the charge of stealing a horse from Fort Davis - or reveal that his old friend, Jim Davis, stole the horse to help Danny escape.

Price: $13.95

Surviving Desires: Making and Selling Native Jewellery in the American Southwest, paper ed


Surviving Desires: Making and Selling Native Jewellery in the American Southwest by anthropologist and curator Henrietta Lidchi is a visually stunning exploration of the symbolic, economic, and communal value of jewellery in the American Southwest. The author works in the National Museums Scotland and has examined British collecting, exchanges between British and American institutions, and the development of the British Museum’s contemporary collection.

Price: $43.70

Killer of Enemies, hardcover ed


Years ago, seventeen-year-old Apache hunter Lozen and her family lived in a world of haves and have-nots. There were the Ones, people so augmented with technology and genetic enhancements that they were barely human, and there was everyone else who served them. Then the Cloud came, and everything changed. Tech stopped working. The world plunged back into a new steam age. The Ones’ pets, genetically engineered monsters, turned on them and are now loose on the world. Lozen was not one of the lucky ones pre-C, but fate has given her a unique set of survival skills and magical abilities.

Price: $27.95

Danny Blackgoat, Navajo Prisoner, paper ed


Danny Blackgoat, Navajo Prisoner is one of the titles in 7th Generations' PathFinders Series. This series of novels are known as high/low books—written at a lower reading level but with high-interest, age-appropriate plots. Designed for reluctant readers from age 12 and up, these books feature linear story lines, limited vocabulary and short sentences. The layout and print size also contribute in making the books easier to read. This historical novel is set during the infamous Navajo Long Walk of 1864 by award-winning, Choctaw author Tim Tingle.

Price: $13.95

Kiki's Journey, hardcover ed


Kiki’s Journey is an illustrated picture book written by Taos Pueblo/Tarahumara author Kristy Orona-Ramirez. The author writes about a common occurrence for First Nation and Native American students. Teachers in urban setting often believe that a Native American student is an expert on all topics Native American. Kiki is no exception. Her family lives in Los Angeles and her parents both grew up in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. Kiki does not remember visiting Taos Pueblo as an infant, and she is furious when her teacher assumes she should know all about the pueblo.

Price: $22.00

Baby Audio Series: Baby's 1st CD


Baby Audio Series: Baby's 1st CD is published by Salina Bookshelf of Flagstaff, Arizona to accompany the Baby board book series. This bilingual CD is narrated in Navajo by Maybelle Little and English narration is provided by Jessie Ruffenach. The four stories include Baby's First Laugh, Baby Learns to Count, Baby Learns about Colors, and Baby Learns about Animals. The board books feature a young Navajo toddler who has just learned to count from one to ten; sees many different colours in her environment; and helps her family take care of the family's animals.

Price: $14.25

Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing, paper ed


Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing explores Indigenous medicine across North America, with a special emphasis on how Indigenous knowledge has endured and persisted among peoples with a legacy to Mexico. Patrisia Gonzales combines her lived experience in Red Medicine as an herbalist and traditional birth attendant with in-depth research into oral traditions, storytelling, and the meanings of symbols to uncover how Indigenous knowledge endures over time.

Price: $49.00