Shannen and the Dream for a School, paper ed


Shannen and the Dream for a School is one of the titles in the Kids Power Series from Second Story Press.  The author Janet Wilson has taken the real-life story of Shannen Koostachin, her friends and family of Attawapiskat and created a fictionalized account in a chapter book format.  Shannen was a student attending JR Nakogee Elementary when her and other community students began a campaign to have a new school built.  The school had been contaminated by a fuel spill in 1979, and now students were forced to endure moldy and drafty portables during the school day.  At thirteen Shannen and h

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Strong Hearts, Native Lands: Anti-Clearcutting Activism at Grassy Narrows First Nation, paper ed


In Strong Hearts, Native Lands: Anti-Clearcutting Activism at Grassy Narrows First Nation, anthropologist Anna J Willow demonstrates that Indigenous people’s decisions to take environmentally protective action cannot be understood apart from political or cultural concerns. By recounting how and why one Anishinaabe community was able to take a stand against the industrial logging that threatens their land-based subsistence and way of life, Willow offers a more complex “and more constructive” understanding of human-environment relationships.

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Le Caribou, Nourriture de Notre Âme (The Caribou Feed Our Soul), hardcover ed


Le Caribou, Nourriture de Notre Âme is the French edition of The Caribou Feed Our Soul. It is one of the titles in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series.  This Denésôliné (Chipewyan) title is designed to highlight one of the official Aboriginal language groups in the Northwest Territories.  The book presents information about the people and community of Łutsël K’é, Northwest Territories.  Pete Enzoe is a hunter, trapper, and fisher who views his role as a protector of the caribou.  He takes readers on a respectful caribou harvest.

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Life on the Reserve DVD (Public Performance Use)


Life on the Reserve DVD is a First Nations Films documentary that highlights the significant challenges that people living on reserves have to deal with, as well as the hope they have for their community, as told by the residents themselves. Graham Shonfield, the 19-year old documentary filmmaker, had volunteered for development work in Africa, but nothing prepared him for the impoverished conditions that he experienced first hand in Northern Ontario at Gull Bay First Nation reserve. Although Gull Bay is only one reserve in this country, it has similarities to them all.

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Smelly Socks: Tell Me A Story Kit (book & CD)


Smelly Socks: Tell Me A Story Kit contains a 32-page picture book by Robert Munsch; a 6-minute CD of the story read by Robert Munsch in plastic carrying bag. Smelly Socks by children's author Robert Munsch is a wonderful story that takes its inspiration from a Dene girl named Tina who lived in Hay River, Northwest Territories. On one of Munsch's storytelling events in Canada's North during the 1980s he met a young girl named Tina Fabian. Since the audience for this reading was small, Munsch created individualized stories for each child present.

Price: $15.99

What Do You Have in Your Canoe? Kit UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher What Do You Have in Your Canoe? Kit is an educational package developed by the Ojibway Cree Cultural Centre to address the problem of solvent abuse among children. The Teacher's Manual is designed to tackle the problem by beginning with young children at the kindergarten and grade one level. Their non-direct approach is based on positive reinforcement that addresses the self-image and self-esteem of children.

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