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Cynthia L Smith
Grade Levels:
Two, Three, Four, Five
Cherokee, Seminole, Southeast
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Harper Collins Canada

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Indian Shoes is an easy reading chapter book by noted Creek children's literature author Cynthia Leitich Smith. This book features six interrelated stories whose main characters are a Cherokee-Seminole grandfather and grandson who live in Chicago. Ray Halfmoon's parents are dead and his grandpa Halfmoon is raising him. Their warm and caring relationship is filled with everyday struggles as well as humour and a joy for living. The key story, "Indian Shoes" poses an interesting comment about the nature of Native arts and crafts in a commercial market. Grandpa takes Ray to a neighbourhood antique story where he admires a pair of beaded Seminole moccasins. Unfortunately the shoes remind grandpa of his youth growing up in Oklahoma and are overpriced for his budget. Ray decides that his grandpa must have these shoes and devises an ingenious way of acquiring them. The author makes the subtle point about Native Americans living in an urban society. The other stories follow Ray and his grandpa throughout the year and include a torching story about pet-sitting for vacationing neighbours, a hair-cut that goes awry, resolving a tuxedo problem for his cousin's wedding, overcoming a problem with an art project after his pet ferret spills paint on the artwork, and a special story about fishing with grandfather and remembering loved ones. The stories reflect a realistic portrayal of Native People living in urban areas. Smith avoids the common "caught-between-two-worlds" theme and provides young reads with a good dose of Indian humour. The black and white drawings of Ray and his grandpa allow readers to see what a contemporary "Indian family" looks like. The text is simple with repetition and rhythms that make the book an excellent title for reading aloud. Highly recommended for students from grade 2 to 5. Lexile: 820L. Reader's Theater:

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