North American Indians, 3rd Edition

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Alice Beck Kehoe
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Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Pearson Education
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 North American Indians: A Comprehensive Account is the third edition of this volume first published in 1981 and written by anthropologist Alice B. Kehoe. Her approach to the subject is from the anthropological, archaeological, and historical perspectives. The result is this comprehensive volume that covers the major cultural regions of North America as well as Mexico. Each culture region is described in terms of pre-contact, contact, and present-day. The final chapter provides an overview of North American Indians as they enter the twentieth-first century. Throughout the text the author includes numerous maps, graphs, charts, illustrations, and photographs. The approach is to treat Native Americans as real and living peoples with extensive historical and cultural records that stretch far back into time. The text is complimented by poetry excerpts, traditional stories, and ethnographic accounts. Suggested audience includes Native Studies, anthropology, and American History university courses.

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