Tales of Ghosts

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Ronald W. Hawker
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College, University
Pacific NW
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UBC Press

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Tales of Ghosts: First Nations Art in British Columbia, 1922-61 explores the period of Canadian history that is overlooked by art historians as a time of decline of the art forms of the Northwest Coast people. The totem poles and ceremonial masks of the period are often thought to be not as valuable and significant as the earlier golden age of this art form. The year 1922 marks the prosecution of participants attending the Cranmer Potlatch held in 1921. The Department of Indian Affairs had sought a ban of the potlatch ceremony and was successful in having the law upheld. Despite the hardships and prosecution, Northwest Coast artists continued their traditional art forms and ceremonies. The author sees this period as a significant because these cultural practices were continued. The book examines the Totem Poles in Stanley Park; the Art of Mathias Joe, Mungo Martin, and George Clutesi; federal projects in the late 1920s; the Totem Pole Carver Training Program; the Totem Pole Preservation Committee and the case of the Gitanyow. The book contains a bibliography, index, maps and photographs. A hardcover edition of this title is available.

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