Emerging From the Mist - pb

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Gary Coupland, Quentin Mackie, R. G. Matson
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College, University
Pacific NW
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UBC Press

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Emerging from the Mist: Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History updates and expands our understanding of the nature and evolution of precontact Northwest Coast society to reveal the vibrant, rich cultures that existed there. Scholars and students of archaeology and anthropology, and those with an interest in Northwest Coast history, will find this volume especially rewarding. Combining archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography, this collection of 13 scholarly essays investigates several aspects of this cultural complexity, carrying on the intellectual traditions of Donald H. Mitchell and Wayne Suttles. Its interdisciplinary approach creates a broader context in which to interpret the past. The generously illustrated chapters address a wide range of topics, and include original and penetrating analyses of the fur trade, migration, household structures, and precontact metallurgy and architecture. First Nations discussed include the Tsimshian, the Coast Salish, the Nuu-chah-nulth, and the Wakashan.

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