The Soul of the Indian An Interpretation

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Charles A. Ohiyesa Eastman
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
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The Soul of the Indian first published in 1911 by Charles Eastman, a physician and mixed-blood Sioux, depicts the religious life of the typical American Indian as it was before he knew the white man. Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939) as a four-year old was given the name Ohiyesa (the Winner). During the Sioux Uprising of 1862 Ohiyesa became separated from his father -his mother had died soon after his birth-and fled from the reservation in Minnesota to Canada under the protection of his grandmother and uncle. There he was schooled in the Indian ways until the age of fifteen, when he was reunited with his father, who took him back to his homestead in present South Dakota. Eastman went on to become one of the best-known Indians of his time, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Dartmouth in 1887 and a medical degree from Boston University three years later. From his first appointment as a physician at Pine Ridge Agency, where he witnessed the events that culminated in the Wounded Knee massacre, he sought to bring understanding between Native and non-Native Americans. The volume discusses Lakota beliefs and values as well as spirituality.

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