American Indian Literature ~LIMITED QUANTITIES

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Alan R. Velie
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Oklahoma Press
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American Indian Literature: An Anthology is the revised edition of the introductory collection of Native American writing first issued in 1979. This collection spans the historic and contemporary writing of Native Americans and includes what the editor terms, "literature about Indians written by Indians." Brief overviews precede selections of traditional stories (tales translated into English), songs (translated from specific Native languages into English), memoirs, poetry, and contemporary fiction. The editor is a Shakespearean scholar whose interest in Native literature as world literature is clearly evident. He sets each genre in the literary context of world literature with minimal Native cultural or linguistic background provided. As an introductory high school or college source, this anthology contains several selections from well-known contemporary authors including N. Scott Momaday, Maurice Kenny, Carter Revard, Paula Gunn Allen, James Welch, Simon Ortiz, Geary Hobson, Rayna Green, Gus Palmer, Lance Henson, Charlotte DeClue, Linda Hogan, Joy Harjo, nila northSun, Richard Aitson, Diane Burns, Louise Erdrich, Gerald Vizenor, and Leanne Howe. Excerpts from classic speeches by such historical figures such as Red Jacket, Pontiac, Tecumseh are presented in the oratory section. As an American collection this text is recommended for students looking for well-known Native American authors' works. Emerging poets and novelists are not represented in this anthology.

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