Paths of Life

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Nancy J. Parezo, Thomas E. Sheridan
Grade Levels:
Twelve, College, University
Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Paiute, Pima, Southwest
Book Type:
University of Arizona Press

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Within these pages are living portraits of fifteen Native American groups of Arizona and northern Mexico. The Navajos, the Western Apaches, the Hualapais, Yavapais, and Havasupais, the Yaquis, the O'odham, the Tarahumaras, the Southern Paiutes, the Seris, the Colorado River Yumans|Quechan, Mohaves, Cocopas, and Maricopas|and the Hopis. Literally and figuratively, the paths they walk are the same paths walked by their ancestors, going back hundreds and even thousands of years. Through history, most of these groups have seen their homelands conquered by outside military forces and their people scattered far and wide. Yet, despite years of exile and subjugation, they have all kept alive their cultures, their sense of being a people. This book explores the symbols, rituals, and words that have ensured continuity and that distinguish each Nation from others. Equally important, Paths of Life describes the dynamic changes that are occurring in each Nation as new ideas are incorporated into traditional ways of life. The book focuses on one major cultural theme for each Nation. The chapter on the Navajos, for example, illustrates how the work of sheepherding reinforces the Diné way of relating to one another and living off the land, while the chapter on the Yaquis examines how Catholic and Native rituals have become fused into a uniquely meaningful Yaqui religion. Throughout the book, the guidance and advice of respected Native American scholars have ensured both accuracy and authenticity.

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