Voice of the Paiutes -hc

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Jodie Shull
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Four, Five, Six, Seven
Paiute, Plateau
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Millbrook Press

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Voice of the Paiutes: A Story about Sarah Winnemucca is one of the titles in the Creative Minds Biography series. This retelling of the life of Sarah Winnemucca, a Paiute woman who lived from 1844 to 1891, introduces young readers to the life of a Native American hero who assisted her Nation with the skills she possessed. Living in the Plateau region of the United States Sarah grew up during a time of great upheaval for her Nation. She endured, received an education and went on to live her life devoted to her Paiute family and community. At every opportunity Sarah worked for peaceful coexistence between the white settlers and her Nation. Despite being at the mercy of the fickle American government and bureaucrats Sarah persevered during times of harassment by the American military, corrupt Indian Affairs officials, and starvation among her Nation. Her education allowed her to present the story of her people's suffering to the wider American public. Often ridiculed by her own people because of the American government's failure to uphold its promises, Sarah used all her talents to work for education of Paiute children. Black and white pencil illustrations by Keith Birdsong assist readers' comprehension with the occasional drawing that corresponds to the text. This is a biography of a remarkable Paiute woman who persevered at a time of United States history that saw American Indian Nations overwhelmed by the military and betrayed by government. The book contains a bibliography and an index. The reading level for this book is grade 5 with a 6.1 ATOS designation.

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