The People's Land

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Hugh Brody
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Arctic, Inuit
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Douglas & McIntyre

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The People's Land: Inuit, Whites and the Eastern Arctic is an expression of a particular moment (1991) in northern history | the darkness, even, that preceded the light. For some years, Hugh Brody lived and studied among the Inuit, the people of the Arctic. This book describes their recent past with sympathy and indignation. He tells how the Whites came as fur traders and missionaries | and stayed on as administrators, transferring their suburban world incongruously to the north. The predicament of the contemporary Inuit is deeply troubling, embodying as it does | within a very short history | the destructive processes and social deformations that colonialism everywhere entails. As the author writes in the Foreword, this book "is a way of expressing my solidarity with the people who have so tirelessly tried to help me understand what is happening to them now and what they fear might happen to them in the future."

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