Bone Dance, 4th Printing

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Brooks, Martha
Grade Levels:
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Cree, Dene, Metis, Plains
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Groundwood Books Ltd.

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Bone Dance, a novel by children's author Martha Brooks, is now in its fourth printing. The story is set in Manitoba and tells the interwoven story of two teens struggling with identity, self-esteem, and most of all loss. Written in third person, past tense the story line follows the parallel lives of two eighteen-year-olds. Alexander and Lonny have both lost a parent and are haunted by waking dreams. Lonny had disturbed a burial mound when he was twelve and that act, he believes, precipitated the death of his mother. Alex's character loses her alcoholic father she knows only through six letters from childhood. Then Alex's father wills her land with a lake and cabin. She decides to visit this property and finds Lonny wondering why this city interloper is claiming his stepfather's land. But after several meetings the two find that their spiritual guides have been drawing their lives together. An interesting approach to teen loss and guilt in this novel that draws on spiritual teachings from First Nations Elders that permits healing.

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