First Nations: Race, Class and Gender Relations

Satzewich, Vic|Wotherspoon, Terry
Grade Levels:
College, University
Multiple Nations
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Candian Plains Research Center

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First published in 1993, First Nations: Race, Class, and Gender Relations remains unique in offering systematically, from a political economy perspective, an analysis that enables us to understand the diverse realities of First Nations within changing Canadian and global contexts. The book provides an extended analysis of how changing social dynamics, organized particularly around race, class, and gender relations, have shaped the life chances and conditions for Aboriginal people within the structure of Canadian society and its major institutional forms. This 2000 reprint offers a new introduction that takes into account significant developments within Canada's First Nations, and in relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people more generally, that have taken shape at the end of the 1990s and the early twenty-first century. Also features an updated bibliography.

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