Reclaiming Our History - LIMITED QUANTITIES

Jackie Fletcher
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education
Cree, Subarctic
Book Type:
Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre

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Limited Quantity Reclaiming Our History: Otisiabi Matriarchal Society Project is the publication of the Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre and Missanabie Cree First Nation. Based on the interviews of 40 women elders from northern Ontario, northern Quebec, and Saskatchewan the book focuses on the traditional roles of Cree women. Their roles in the home, as stewards of the land, and in gathering and preparing traditional medicines are discussed. Quotes from the elders are organized into themes such as nurturers, roles in ceremonies, roles in food preparation, roles in games and recreation, and roles in sweat lodges and feasts. Colour portraits of each participant are included as well as their home communities and nations. The author, Jackie Fletcher, explains her role in the project and the methodology used in gathering and editing the interviews. This is an important contribution to the literature about contemporary Cree women elders and the changing roles of women. The Otisiabi Matriarchal Society and the Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre deserve credit for publishing important resources from the perspective of Cree women elders.

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