The Native Stories from Keepers of the Earth

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Michael J. Caduto
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One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Multiple Nations
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Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing

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The Native Stories from Keepers of the Earth contains 24 traditional Native North American stories retold by Joseph Bruchac. This rich collection of stories first appeared in the best-selling book, Keepers of the Earth. These stories come from Inuit, Abenaki, Dine, Onondaga, Nisqually, Muskogee, Pawnee, Zuni, Ojibway, Lakota, Siksika, Tsimshian, and Seneca Nations. Native stories have two major functions: to entertain and to teach. This collection is designed around the theme of environmental responsibility and includes narratives about Creation, Fire, Earth, Wind and Weather, Water, Sky, Seasons, Plants and Animals, Life, Death, Spirit, and the Unity of the Earth. Joseph Bruchac is a well-known Abenaki storyteller and writer. The Onondaga Creation Story, The Earth on Turtle's Back is included along with the Seneca story, Spring Defeats Winter are Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) traditional accounts. Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) stories include Manabozho and the Maple Trees, and the Origin of the Big Dipper. Original illustrations by Mohawk artist John Kahionhes Fadden enhance the stories. Included in the book is a map of Native North America, glossary and pronunciation key, and brief descriptions of the each Nation mentioned in the text. This is a valuable collection of stories that contain important teachings from Native North Americans. This book is recommended for elementary and secondary students. Guided Reading Level: Q

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