The Story of Chakapas

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Annie Downes Catterson, Prentice G. Downes
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Cree, Subarctic
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Penumbra Press
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The Story of Chakapas is a Cree legend told by Cree Elder Adam Ballentyne (Ballantyne) in 1936. Naturalist and cartographer Prentice G Downes collected several traditional stories during his visits with Adam Ballentyne at Pelican Narrows in northeastern Saskatchewan. The collector's daughter, Annie Downes Catterson, retells the story for young readers in simple text and illustrations. In the story, the Cree teacher and hunter Chakapas traps the moon with a snare. The people plead with Chakapas to release the moon because they need its light for travelling. In his attempt to release the moon, Chakapas is unable to cut the cords from the snare. Even the animals and birds cannot help until a tiny mouse releases the moon. This is a teaching story that young readers will enjoy. The text is illustrated with simple black and white woodcuts that fail to capture the essence of this story but it is an important example of traditional Woodland Cree storytelling. Discussion questions: LIMITED QUANTITY

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