Those Who Know

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Meili, Dianne
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Plains, Subarctic
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Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Native Elders is a collection of 31 brief biographical sketches written by Dianne Meili a former Windspeaker editor. The Elders represent the Cree, Dene Tha', Stoney, Chipewyan, Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Blood- Blackfoot), Beaver, Sarcee, and Pekuni (North Peigan) First Nations. The author collected the stories over an eighteen-month period as she travelled throughout Alberta. The importance of Elders in First Nations cultures is acknowledged; they carry wisdom and their lives exemplify the finest qualities. Each profile expresses an example of their spirituality, respectfulness, generosity, compassion, and caring nature. The profiles are not organized into any structure and there is no index. However, the stories of Elders provide insight into lifestyles of the past, changes to the environment, traditional education, storytelling, language, values and beliefs, healing, the impact of destructive behaviors, ceremonies, and traditional teachings. On occasion, the author has written fictionalized accounts of the Elder's stories. On the whole, this book provides a unique contribution to the literature on Elders and their stories. The book contains of map of Alberta and each profile has a photo of the Elder. The author's intent was to honour and respect her Elders and provide Native students with heroes who would serve as an inspiration to readers. She is successful on both counts. Recommended for senior elementary and high school students.

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