Cherokee - English ABC Coloring Book

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Pennington, Daniel
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
Cherokee, Southeast
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Cherokee - English A-B-C Coloring Book with words in English and Cherokee includes a full page for each letter of the English alphabet. The author and illustrator, Daniel Pennington, creates an ABC colouring book that incorporates a Cherokee word translation for each letter of the alphabet. Although some words selected are problematic such as the letter 'I' representing Indian, the author provides an explanatory definition of the word's origin. Each English word has a corresponding Cherokee term along with a short explanation. The Cherokee terms are written in Roman orthography and Sequoya's Cherokee syllabary. Unfortunately all illustrations relate to Cherokee culture in the distant past leaving an unfortunate impression. Despite the flaw, this colouring book is a useful resource for anyone beginning to learn Cherokee.

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