Old Father Story Teller

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Pablita Velarde
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Pueblo, Southwest
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Clear Light Books

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Old Father Story Teller is a book written and illustrated by internationally acclaimed artist Pablita Velarde. This Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa artist has chosen six traditional stories for her collection. The cover art, Old Father Story Teller, is one of her best-known works. The Elder is shown telling stories about the stars and constellations that arc across the night sky. The first story, The Stars, tells how Long Sash (also known as Orion) led the ancestors of the Pueblo people to their beautiful homeland. Another story, Turkey Girl, is a Pueblo version of a Cinderella story. Instead of a fairy godmother, the girl in the story is befriended by a flock of turkeys. There is a twist to this Tewa story that does not end in the classical way. Pablita Velarde heard these stories from her grandfather. She wrote the stories in English and added 24 full-colour paintings for the 1960 edition of this book. This reprint includes the wonderful images created by a talented artist. A brief biographical sketch of her artistic accomplishments is included. While the book will appeal to elementary students, its artistic value will captivate the general reader.

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