Arctic Stories PB

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Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four
Arctic, Inuit
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Annick Press

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Arctic Stories is a children's picture book by well-known Inuit author Michael Kusugak. This paper edition book contains three stories set in Repulse Bay and each features a ten-year-old heroine, named Agatha. The author draws on his childhood memories of Repulse Bay for inspiration. Each story is richly detailed and is based on an experience from the author's childhood. In the first story, Agatha's community is besieged by a giant airship that looks to the people like a giant avataq, a sealskin float with fins. Agatha and the rest of the community are frightened by the appearance of something that might be dangerous. Everyone began to flee but Agatha became tired and just wanted to sleep. So she began yelling at the big ugly thing and told it to go away. To everyone's amazement, the airship left and was never seen again. Agatha was a hero. Michael Kusugak explains in the introduction to the stories that each one is based on events during 1958. The second story involves Agatha's encounter with a big ugly bird, the raven. In the final story, Agatha is away at school and again becomes a hero when she saves the priest's life after he falls through the ice while ice-skating. Vladyana Krykorka illustrates each story with detailed colour drawings that capture the humour and joy of living in the Canada's North. The text includes the author's inspiration for the character, Agatha, and a glossary of Inuit terms used in the stories. Young children will be inspired by Agatha and will learn what it was like to grow up in the Arctic. Also available in a hardcover edition.

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