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Jeanne Bushey
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four
Arctic, Inuit
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Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing
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A Sled Dog for Moshi is a picture book first published in 1994. This reprint tells a contemporary story about an Inuk girl and her friend Jessica from New York. The two girls enjoy playing with the white terrier dog that is the New York girl's pet. Moshi really wants a pet dog just like Jessica's dog. Moshi knows the purpose of Inuit sled dogs is to pull the sled and not act as pets. Nevertheless Moshi asks her father for one of the new puppies her father's lead dog will soon have. But the dog mysteriously disappears. As spring arrives in Iqaluit, the two friends go outside to enjoy the good weather. Moshi realizes that the weather may change quickly but her friend wants to learn about the plant known as Arctic cotton. Suddenly a blizzard whiteout overcomes the girls. Moshi draws on the traditional knowledge that her father has taught her about simple survival. She even shares one mitten with the inexperienced friend. Amazingly they are found by the sled dog and led to a small shelter. There the girls are safe and find, to their delight, there are new puppies within. The sled dog leaves the shelter and the next thing Moshi knows is that her father has rescued the girls. Father acknowledges Moshi's ability to assist in the girls' survival and promises her one of the puppies. Moshi realizes the importance of the dogs and asks for a puppy. Moshi explains that it won't be a pet rather it will be her sled dog. The gentle, pastel illustrations by Inuit artist Germaine Arnatauyok captures with accuracy and respect the contemporary friendship of two girls in the North. The book contains a glossary that explains the meanings for terms such as bannock, kamik, komatik, tundra, Inuit, Arctic, and whiteout. This is a recommended picture book that captures modern values of the Inuit as shown by the caring and generosity of an Inuk child.

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