Catching Spring

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Sylvia Olsen
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five
Coast Salish, Pacific NW
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Orca Book Publishers
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Catching Spring is one of the titles in the Orca Young Readers series. This easy-to-read novel retells a story the author's husband told her many times. The story is set in 1957 on Tsartlip First Nation on Vancouver Island. Bobby is a young boy who works at the local marina helping the owner for one dollar a weekend. Bobby lives on the reserve and helps his mother by taking half of his weekly earnings to put into the family grocery money. This likable boy is a champion marble player but more than anything he wants to win the kids' fishing derby and receive a shiny blue bike for first prize. The only catch is the entry fee which is far too large for him to submit. Bobby's dream is winning the bike and his determination pays off when his uncle and the marina owner assist. Bobby knows that another boy is cheating during the derby but does not tell on him. In the end, the story ends on a positive note. Readers and teachers may note the use of the term Indian in the story. Keep in mind the time period is the 1950s and Indian is totally appropriate terminology. Throughout the book there are helpful sketches that assist the reader. This is a positive story about a young boy's dream and his determination to overcome challenges. Guided Reading Level: O

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