First Peoples in Canada

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Alan D. McMillan, Eldon Yellowhorn
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Douglas & McIntyre
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First Peoples in Canada is the third updated and revised edition of Native Peoples and Cultures of Canada. From its original release in 1988, this book has become a widely used introductory text in anthropological courses about First Nations in Canada. The book is coauthored by two archaeologists who bring distinctive perspectives to the text. Eldon Yellowhorn from the Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve) in Alberta is an archaeologist at Simon Fraser University. Similarly Alan McMillan is an archaeologist also at Simon Fraser. Together they combine their perspectives on the topics of Aboriginal Peoples, their traditional cultures in Canada, and modern issues involving First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. Beginning chapters introduce the basic anthropological theory of origin for First Nations as well as concepts of culture areas and language families. Chapters cover the First Nations of Atlantic Canada, the Iroquoians of the Eastern Woodlands, Algonquians of the Subarctic and Eastern Woodlands, The First Nations of the Plains, Plateau, and Northwest Coast areas. The First Nations of Northern Canada are described in the chapters about the Western Subarctic and the Arctic. Each of these chapters follow a similar format with introductory information about the archaeological evidence of the region, a section on specific cultural features, and brief summary of the contemporary situation and issues. The Metis are covered in a chapter devoted to the Red River Metis and the rebellion in 1885. The final chapter covers Canada's relationships with First Nations in its first and second centuries as well as issues related to human rights, land claims, and the Indian Act. Throughout the book the authors have placed interesting archival photographs, illustrations of cultural material, and numerous maps as well as an index and extensive bibliography. The authors have produced a comprehensive survey of First Nations of Canada and their cultural traditions.

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