Native American Gardening

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Joseph Bruchac, Michael J. Caduto
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Fulcrum Publishing

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Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families is an introduction to the world of Indigenous food plants written by Joseph Bruchac and Michael Caduto, co-authors of the Keepers series of environmental books. This book brings traditional knowledge from a selection of Native American cultures and introduces practical ways for families to apply this knowledge to their gardening projects. They stress the importance of the earth and all plants, animals, and humans that reside on it. The natural circle of life is discussed and the authors provide detailed ways for bringing the ideas in the book to life. The authors assume that the reader will have only basic knowledge about gardening and so provide almost a step-by-step outline for the novice backyard gardener. The authors provide cultural and historical information as well as traditional stories to make the gardening experience relevant for parents with children. Included are recipes, activities, as well as necessary information about preparing the soil, selecting the seeds, planting and harvesting the crop. The focus for the plant section is the Three Sisters of corn, beans, and squash. Several tribal Nations (Iroquois, Tuscarora, Wampanoag, and Hidatsa) use this triad of plants in their agricultural pursuits. Appropriate stories about corn are included. Teachers will also find this book a valuable resource for classroom projects. The authors note the numerous contributions made by Native Americans to the world food supply. Black and white illustrations, diagrams, and a map are included. The book also contains a helpful index and glossary and pronunciation guide for new terms.

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