The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle

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Grutman, Jewel H.
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Dakota, Plains, Sioux
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Lickle Publishing Inc

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The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle is a fascinating approach to cultural appropriation in a children's picture book. Developed by Gay Matthaei and Jewel Grutman with the drawings of Adam Cvijanovic, the team recreates a ledgerbook purportedly drawn by former Carlisle Boarding School student, Thomas Blue Eagle. This fictional character is said to be Lakota Sioux who is sent to the Carlisle School to learn the ways of the white man. This ledgerbook shows the thoughts, feelings, and drawings of Thomas Blue Eagle as he remembers his former family life. The fiction is maintained by the publisher's design and layout team and the book's blue cloth jacket, and its rounded corners and stamped border design. A disclaimer appears in the book's Afterword and may not be noticed. The authors and publisher would have been more effective and accurate if they had worked with actual ledgerbooks created by Plains men who were taken as prisoners of war and housed at Fort Marion in 1874. These Plains men fought the US army to protect the last free herd of buffalo. While incarcerated the Plains prisoners used ledgerbooks for their sketches in the style of pictographs for winter counts. Cursive writing accompanies each illustration and provides captions for the drawings. Teachers and readers are forewarned that this is really a fictional account only.

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