One Nation Under God

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Huston Smith, Reuben Snake
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Winnebago, Woodland
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One Nation Under God - The Triumph of the Native American Church is a compilation of essays, first person testimonials, and legal documents about the significance of the Native American Church, and the importance of religious freedom in the United States. Reuban Snake (1920-1993) was a leader in the Native American Church and an elder of the Hochunk (Winnebago) people who struggled to see the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedoms Act Amendments. His writings clearly express the importance of his religious teachings gained from being a member of the Native American Church. In addition to his narrative, other members of the church express their beliefs under headings such as women, children and family, medicine, symbolism, worship, tradition, visions, healing, bereavement and death, and responses to the Supreme Court's outlawing of peyote. The official church was established in 1918 but the founding traditions date from a period lost in history. The church's teachings stress moral behavior, abstinence from alcohol, truthfulness, family obligations, economic self-sufficiency, service and prayer. Peyote meetings play a major part in upholding these standards. The editors have included essays that explain the Peyote Ceremony and its history, the legal classification of peyote and the issue of substance abuse, and the court proceedings involving the Native American Church and the American justice system. This reader about the Native American Church is an important contribution to knowledge about Native North American spiritual values and beliefs.

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