Native Women in the Americas

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Kenneth McIntosh
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Multiple Nations
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Mason Crest Publishers

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Native Women in the Americas is one title in Mason Crest Publishers series, Women Issues: Global Interests Series. Each title in the series examines the cultural, historical and legal issues facing women in a particular part of the world. This volume describes the history and cultural traditions of Indigenous women of North and South America. With specific examples and quotes, the author demonstrates to readers the various means Indigenous women of the Americas played and continue to play in the lives of their communities. Each chapter covers themes such as history and cultural survival; spirituality today; Indigenous women in the military and in sports; Indigenous women and leadership; Indigenous women in the arts; Native women in the healing arts and education; and the Seventh Generation and the future for Indigenous women of the Americas. Using well-captioned historical and contemporary photographs, this book is a useful introduction to the strength of character and cultural heritage of Indigenous women of North and South America. This book contains an index, bibliography, and suggested websites for further study. Excellent resource for NDW4M.

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